Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good Friends, Sunshine & Summertime ♥

So, about a week and half ago, right after I finished up that 8am math final, summer officially started for me. Boy was I ready, this year was great, but it was pretty rough and I was certainly ready for summer.

And so far it has proven to be a great one. The weather has been wonderfully warm just as it should be in the summer months. I have kept busy mostly with fun things to do which is a must have for summer. The only problem I have had is the whole job situation- I just found out that the job I was planning to have isn't going to really exist anymore because of economic decline..ohhh great. So, I need to find another one but for now I'll enjoy the freedom and keep working on finding one.

Like I said, a lot has been going on so far. Less than two weeks in and I'm thinking picture highlights are in order: how bout it? =]
The start of my summer was on fire.. well with a van fire anyway, it went up in flames right down the road. It was the biggest event my county has had in awhile! lol. The guy was talking on his cell phone and didn't realize the back end was on fire. My neighbors saw him driving by and yelled at him to stop and they also called it in. He stopped and got a gas can he had in there out and then we all settled in to watch. No one got hurt, luckily. Unfortunately though, my Nikon was in for cleaning! That's when the good picture opportunities come of course, when your good camera is gone. But I did have my trusty rusty Kodak and I think it did pretty well.

Next was my cookout/bonfire. I had it for my college friends and the best friends to celebrate the wrapping up of school. It wasn't as big as expected and only a few college buddies showed up but it was still a good time. Kelley and Whittney came and stayed well into the night and we had good conversations. Best friends and a bonfire is all I need.

After two weeks, I finally got my Nikon back- nice and clean! I was so excited, I had missed it so very much! It stayed with me and I took so many pictures! Including one of this little guy who decided to chill on our back patio thing.

Remember these little ladies? It has been a long time since they have been on my blog- maybe because its been so long since I have seen them myself. I got to spend a little bit of time visiting with each one of them during the other ones softball games. I am hoping I'll be seeing them much for often over the summer, I have missed them so very much.
Whittney and I have pretty much been attached at the hip so far this summer. We have gone and done so much and it's been a complete and utter blast. I think we can make almost anything fun and even the boring stuff is so much better when you got your best friend by your side.
Okay, we can make almost everything fun. Except sunburn (which we are showing off in this picture although you can not really see it lol). That's not fun. Even if we were the stupid idiots who decided to lay out for like an hour an a oh, almost ninety degree weather because when we looked it did not look like it did any good the first time. But we were wrong and three days later we can still feel how stupid we are with every movement. But its okay, at least we weren't stupid alone I guess. lol.

Well that's all I have for now but I'm sure I will get more to post up here really soon. In the meantime- How is your summer going?

I know mine has been great- after all - all I need to be happy is Good Friends, Sunshine, & Summertime =]


I'm going- are you? ;)


  1. Dea, I'm so glad you are going on the photo walk! Will you be in Angie's group? I am going with the Mpls. crew. Very excited. Trusting they will not laugh at my point and shoot. ;-)

    Happy summer! You deserve a great break.

  2. First, did you submit your photo of the burning van to your news station? I bet they would have used it.

    Second, I need my Nikon cleaned in the WORST way, but I can't stand the thought of parting with it. But my sensor is so dirty.

    Cute pics!
    Have a fun summer!

  3. Those last pictures made me think of me and my best friend, a long time ago. :) Those look like good times. Laugh a lot, okay?
    And about a job...maybe you could take pictures of folks. :)