Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i♥faces photowalk!

This past Saturday I was one of the lucky people who got to attend the i♥faces photowalk across America! I was pretty pumped- I have never done a photowalk or met up with other photographers before and was excited to give it a shot. Although I have a bit of a confession to make... I never would have had the guts to go if it wasn't for my wonderful neighbor and photographer buddy Randi. When I found out about the walk and that it was in a city that is close to me, I thought it would be cool but that was as far as my wishes went. I did not want to go alone...then it dawned on me..maybe Randi would want to go? Lucky for me she did and we bought the tickets the next day.

The photowalk itself was a really cool experience- getting to be around a huge group of people who love taking photos as much as I do, having a beautiful, new place to take these photos and three beautiful models who had the modeling thing down perfect...It was amazing! And despite the nervousness I had the entire time...I would do it again!

Here are some of the photos I took. I took over four hundred photos, but I will just share some of my favorites with you:
That girl was an awesome model. She knew exactly what she was doing and really gave me some wonderful shots. Plus she was gorgeous!

I probably took the most photos of her because most of the other photographers kinda flocked more around the two littler girls and I wanted to get the shots lesser people were getting which lucky for me was this amazing model!
I mostly stuck with the people because that's what I like shooting most but I did get some good shots of the flowers to.
She really was just so much fun.
I like this imperfect flower- sometimes imperfection is beauty!

Of course- being in Ohio it had to rain..... Do you recognize this little girl? =]
This is my absolute favorite shot of the day..I just love everything about it! The lighting was just perfect for pictures despite the rain..I barely edited most of these!
The other model..isn't she just adorable as well!
The prop basket..they had brought plenty of little props for the girls to use!
Have you figured out who this beauty is yet? How about the founders daughter..that's right..
We got to meet and take pictures with Angie! The co-founder of i♥faces! It was so cool to be able to have her lead our walk and meeting her was even cooler! I have met my own blogging celebrity..*big smiles* Living in Ohio that's probably the biggest celebrity I will ever meet (well, I did meet the lady who is on channel 10 news, that was pretty cool) and so I can die happy knowing I met a pretty famous person ;)

Even though the lovely Ohio humidity frizzed and poofed my hair which I had spent the time on to make look nice, I still got a pretty nice photo of the three of us as well as a wonderful experience at the photowalk!

Thank you i♥faces for hosting a wonderful photowalk!

And thank you Randi for being willing to go with me- without you I would have never went!

PS- I did not watermark my photos so that if the models wanted them they could have them..that doesn't mean anyone is free to take them, so please don't! thanks!


  1. This is a fabulous post, Dea! I was totally intimidated too, and didn't get the best angles because I hated to try to crowd other people. Glad they backed off a little on "your gal" because you got the best shots of her that you could possibly get. LOVE the picture with Angie. :-)

  2. Wow Dea! These are amazing. And I agree out of all of them I love your favorite too! I love the 70's look to this photo. Her expresion, the angle and the outfit. I love the lighting....

    Oh my I am so jelous you got to meet Angie! I bet her daughter was just gorgeous to photograph. I am so glad you had fun and most of all I hope you got to learn some new thing cause I know I did! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us!

  3. WOW! You got some awesome shots! :) And I totally did recognize Angie's daughter. She's too cute!

    And your hair looks just fine in that picture. You're so pretty! :)

  4. Wow, I'm blushing!! Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Thanks Dea! I didn't even know I won until you mentioned something! LOL! Thanks for letting me know. Your blogging has gotten as bad as me! :D

    It is sad how fast time goes. I wish I had more time for things. I am off to the park with the kiddos right now. We dont' get to go as often as we used to. :(

  6. These are excellent photos. Well done. I'm glad you got to go on a photo walk. There was not one in my area.