Thursday, March 26, 2009

3 years ago today..

...I met two people who totally changed my life.

Three years ago I met you girls for the first time. It was just another babysitting job for me at that time, I chased an engergetic four year old and tried to comfort the crying one year old who just wanted her mom.

Little did I realize that soon enough, you two girls would become one of the biggest parts of my life. I did not even think that I would get so close to you, I would soon be asking and begging to babysit you girls. Little did I think that pretty soon, your smile would make me so much happier, your words would brighten my day and that your love would keep me going when all I wanted to do was go away and never come back.

Little did I think that I would end up loving you two so much. But It was only a matter of time I guess.

Three years ago today I didn't realize that my life would be forever changed by two little girls.
Taylor and Mikayla, I am so glad I met you. I am so glad God decided to grant me the gift of allowing you two to be in my life, so glad he happened to set my life path so that it crossed with yours. I don't think I could ask for anything better at this point.Having you girls around these last three years have made my life so much better. I love the both of you so much and wouldn't trade a minute of our time for anything in the world. You girls always seem to make me happy whether thats with a funny comment or the fact that you painted all my toes instead of just the nail. Everytime I am around you both I feel such happiness and all the worries of the day are forgotten: all that matters is whatever we are doing together. You girls have always been able to make me happy no matter what mood I am in. And the days I do happen to be upset, I know you both are there for me with extra hugs and you both telling me its ok (that "some people are just mean and I won't ever talk to her because its not nice that she was mean to you", and "sometimes parents have to be mad but don't worry because they just forget and they still love you").

You girls help me out more than the two of you will ever know, more than words can ever express. And I am so grateful. I truely do not know what I would do without either one of you.
You are such an amazing girl. You are so kind and caring as well as loving. You have a big heart and you are so thoughtful towards others. You always know what to say to make me smile and I love it how you always tell me how much you love me. Your hugs are the best! You also act so much older than you are and its so cool to have you to talk with about how rough it is to be the oldest. But do not worry and hold in there sister, you'll make it through and you will eventually realize that having a little sister is pretty cool
You are an awesome kid. You are crazy and wild but at the same time you are still very loving and kind. Your always making me laugh with all the crazy things you say but your also pretty calm and always quick to help. You always say thank you and you always tell me you love me, which makes me feel very special coming from such a special girl. I love all the engery you have and how although you don't let anyone push you around you still listen when I tell you we can't do something.
These three years have gone by way to fast and I see you both growing up so quick right before my eyes. I wish I could just stop it and slow it down but it continues to grow and things continue to change. I do hope one thing stays the same though- I hope that I can be a part of your life until the day that I die. I hope that one day, I will get to take pictures for your senior prom, watch you toss your caps at graduation, blow bubbles or throw birdseed on you for your weddings, plan babyshowers for you when you have your own kids.

In other words, I will always be here for you. No matter what. You girls mean to much to me.

I am looking forward to continuing to watch you grow, look at the difference three years made...

Last but not least I want you to keep in mind that there is not enough words (and I am really bad at using them anways) to fully express how much I love you and how much I appericate you.

Oh and do not forget...

Much love,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

So worth it.

What a long night last night was. Waiting in a line for about two hours, putting up with some crazy people, over heating and freaking out because every one was so close, being at wal-mart from about 10:30-1:30 am, just to come home and stay up til four, just to get up at 7:30 but...

It was all worth it. Why??? Because I am now the proud owner of this......

Yes, that's the two disk, special edition of Twilight. And yes I was one of those crazy fanpires who went to the release party so that I could get it as soon as it came out. My group of friends and I thought it fitting since we went to the midnight premiere of the movie when it came out in theatres. Here we are before we left to go get it.
And just so you know, we are not the followers of the worldwide phenomenon. We helped to start the thing! We read Twilight in book club my freshman year, you know back when it wasn't even heard of. And we fell in love. Then we told everyone we know to read it and the rest is history.

Anyways about this party we got there about 10:15 and people were already lined up! So we got in line. At about eleven they served the very awesome cake

Then they handed out some neat little freebies

Then we settled in for the wait. And finally around 12:15 am I became the owner of the Twilight DVD. Now I officially own one movie on DVD and none on tape, lol. In case you don't know I really don't watch movies so I don't have any but I hope to change that. =]

See how excited we were! (or bored cause McDonald's took awhile to get our food, lol.)

Then we went and watched it at my house. What a perfect night! Oh I sure do love those books as well as the movie, It makes a nice start to my movie collection, my twilight collection as well as my weekend =]

Well that's all I have for you know but I am sure this isn't the last you'll hear from my twilight obsession. After all, I have not told you my recently acquired nickname in relation to Twilight, plus its just a great thing to talk about.

Much love, Dea.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To a very special friend.

Dear Brittany,

First off I want to say that you are an amazing friend, the best anyone could hope for. Your always there for anyone and you always know just the right thing to say- whether its kind words to help lift someones spirits, a joke to put a smile on someones face, or a story to help make someones situation seem not as bad as they thought.
Your also always so high in spirit, and I just love that about you. Your always excited about everything that life brings and don't take anything for granted. Whether its you being excited about the fact that its nice outside or the fact that Hamlet is going for revenge you can always make almost anything fun by being so crazy about it. The best moments is when you take something so ordinary and turn it around into something fun and exciting. Another thing I love about you is how kind you are. Your always nice to everyone even if you don't particularly care for them you try your best to make them think that you like them. You also always give everyone the respect they deserve. Your never to quick to judge and you always lend a helping hand to someone in need.I just want you to know that I love you. Even when you fight for the other side, don't give yourself the credit you deserve, or make fun of me for being short the thought of trading those moments for anything else in the world never crosses my mind.

To sum it up, you are truly an amazing person and I am so glad I get the privilege to call you my best friend. I really don't know what I would do without you because even a highly paid shrink would get sick of pretending to listen and the poor person wouldn't have enough paper to keep the tic-tac-toe going for long enough to listen to all the things I have to say. In other words, thanks for keeping me sane, and thanks for just being, well, you.

Happy Birthday Girl.

I hope this year is just as good if not better than any others. And I also hope to always have you as a friend and that the memories as well as our friendship continues to grow.

I also want you to keep in mind that I am not that great in words and that this post does not even begin to explain how truly thankful I am to have you in my life. I could never express how thankful I am or how much I appreciate you.

-Much love, Dea.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Being locked in a candy closet...

..was never really on my list of things to do before I die. But now, I can say that its happened to me. Yes, today I locked in a candy closet by my classmates. And yes, I did agree to this. Little did I think that I may be slightly claustrophobic. Oops.

Heres the scoop: Our history teacher sells candy to every class to help raise money for the yearbook. Well she had left the classroom when another teacher came in to get food. As I am a member of the yearbook staff I opened up the closet for her. She got her food and left. As I was closing up one of my fellow students had the idea to stick me in the closet and scare her when she opens it for that class. And I, agreed.

So then she comes back, taking her sweet time at that. (Maybe it just seemed longer being in a small space and all) After doing the usual prep stuff she asks the class if anyone wants food. Now hearing that excites me because its getting stuffy in there and I am shaking like crazy and getting pretty nervous about all this. I really am unsure why I reacted like this, I mean its not like I have not done this kinda stuff before. So thats how I have come to the conclusion that I may be slightly claustrophobic. Which checks out for me, because I have noticed tight spaces do make me nervous. But anyways after she asks i hear many of the kids say

"No we don't want any food today" I was like WHAT! This concerned me a bit but then I heard the girl whose idea this was say she wanted something. And then the class started dropping hints like crazy.

The sad thing is, she never picked up on those hints or realized I was not in the room. So it was a surprise when she opened the door and saw me there. She was like wow, now that's a good one! And so it was- even if it did take me the rest of the day to quit shaking. lol.

So thats the story I got for ya.

The other thing I need to say is after long deliberation I have decided on a official name for this blog. Now I understand that if your reading this, you know what it is but I would like to officially announce it, so here it is.

My official blogspot name is: rockinlifemyway

Its got a neat ring to it doesn't it! I sure do think so. And after as long as it took me to pick it I am definatly relieved to have done so.Now I can finally give it out and finally get some people reading this thing!

But of course, how could I forget. What would a sucess on my part be without the usual disapointment that follows? And this time my sucess is gettin this finally goin with a name and all and of course the bad comes along---> Picnik isn't working for me.

Which means I cannot post a picture. Grr. But I will try to post some extras next time

But that's all I have to say for now so until next time,

-Much Love, Dea.

PS- My posting time seems to be an hour off. I don't know how to fix this becasue I do indeed have it set in the correct time zone. I guess blogger never picked up on the time change. So its all an hour behind. Hopefully this will fix itself eventually.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm coming back!

Into the blogging world that is. And let me tell ya, I am super excited!

I've been wanting to do this for awhile. A long, long, while. You see, back in the day when Xanga was cool, I had one of those. And I really did enjoy it until everyone decided that myspace was cooler. I tried to keep my xanga going but after awhile I realized that my site was now a ghost town. Everyone had switched. So after awhile of blogging with no replies, I made the switch to. Now I do enjoy myspace and it certainly has lasted longer than the xanga phase (although I think facebook is starting to creep up on us) but for a long time I have had that urge for xanga. Mostly the blogging style of it. But I really couldn't justify getting one of those again just to see no body come and visit it.

But then came a solution. My neighbor introduced me into a whole different type of blogging world. One that's more grown up and that I can easily hand the link out to so my friends could visit. And it has perfect timing to. Just in time to start it up and get my friends going on it before we all go off to college. That way, they can all come here and read about how I am doing. And hopefully I can do the same. Let me tell ya, this is perfect!

Well, for my first post I think I am going to have to stick with the short but sweet theory. I don't feel like I should just totally jump into this on the first post (although I most definitely would if I wasn't one of those by the book types on these kinds of things) but I certainly cannot wait until this is going full swing. I am still tweaking this thing until I get it just the way I want it. And ok, I must admit, my orderliness and the whole tweaking thing isn't the only thing keeping me from writing a crap ton. It would also be the fact that a brand new Desperate Housewives is coming on tonight. And I want to make sure everything is done by the time it comes on. Because I am an absolute fan of this show and its one of the few I really watch, so I just cannot miss it.

So that's that.

Oh and since I love blogs with photos I will throw in a picture, just for good measure. In hope that I soon feel the warmth of spring and summer and not the bitter cold of winter, here is a picture of the sun.

Much Love,