Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top 10: Goofy pictures with Whittney edition!

So, my best friend Whittney, well shes a goofy kid. I am also a slightly goofy kid. When we hang out, our goofiness is very evident because we both act pretty crazy. Well, sometimes though, boredom comes into the picture. And me being the crazy camera girl that I am gets the idea that "Hey, lets take some pictures" and so the story goes. So I want to share with you 10 of my favorite goofy pictures of Whittney and I. Yes, we look pretty dumb and yes she might kill me for putting some of these on here but when I asked for permission to use photos of her she did say yes.... ;)

I think this one is funny because we were trying to do the whole charlies angels thing but I could only use one hand because I had the camera in the other. Then Dave after seeing it asked why Whittney had to use two fingers to pick her nose!


This one is only really funny because of our costumes. What costume? Exactly. haha. Well we did use the face stuff to put circles around our eyes.... yeah, I do not know either. lol.

#8Childrens hats that we managed to get on our heads. We thought we were pretty cool.
Haha. Grape Faygo is the best pop ever, and even better when you can stick the wrapper to your head!


Because cups and boredom just don't go together. Can you hear me now?


Caught off guard- We were both making the motions to an inside joke although I have to say..What the heck Whittney?

Do you see our faces? Could you tell that we were laughing really hard but trying to smile and look normal for the camera? Thats because about 3 seconds before this picture the dog tried to hump my leg. I kicked it off, we laughed, this picture was taken!

We wrapped a lot of gifts that day. After wrapping gifts all day we thought it would be funny to make ourselves look retarded by putting the empty roles in our sleeves. And then there is that creepy santa behind Whittney...

Because the fact that Whittney has her nose in a sheeps butt is funny, the facial expression she has fits perfect and this picture just makes me laugh!

And #1 is....

Its shows our friendships true colors. Ha, not really but it does look like I am gonna whack her a good one! I was actually gonna smear more mud on her face but that's not how it looks. And then there is the duck coming out of my head. This day was so much fun, we had a crazy mud fight! We both were completely covered in mud, it was great!

Well, there you have it. My favorite crazy pictures of me and my best friend. I guarantee you that there will be many more I will have to add to this list within a short amount of time because we are pretty crazy and I always have my camera!

"You can tell when two people are best friends because they are having way more fun than it makes sense for them to be having"


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just a little peak!

At this cute lil guys pictures! I took Hunters pictures on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day for pictures and luckily wasn't to cold! Hunter was fun to photograph, Whittney was very good at making him smile! The only thing was he was not for sitting still! He wanted to eat the foliage instead so he crawled around trying to get the best leaf, lol.

Well, I do not want you to wait any longer, so here are a few of my favorites:

After we were all said and done I ended up with 166 pictures! I think I had a very productive day ;)


Monday, October 12, 2009


is the theme over at IheartFaces this week! Once again I am very excited ;) to participate! I thought I would have a hard time finding a picture for this theme but after searching for a short time I found this one and deemed it perfect:
I got the girls Pjs this last year as part of their Christmas gifts. I thought the clothes would be the gift they would be least excited about amid the toys and such things. But Mikayla opened her Pjs,squealed with delight, and hugged them. I am so glad I caught that moment in a picture. Her excitement is authentic. Her face tells it all, she loves her new jammies.

I love those sorts of reactions. When they get so excited and your heart is filled with that warm fuzzy feeling because you know you picked the perfect gift and truly made someone happy. I love gift giving and try to do it often not just for holidays. I love the feeling of surprising someone with a gift and knowing I made them feel special. And I want them to know they are special to me. I just love making people happy =]

Well, Thank you for viewing! Comments are always welcome ;)

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Girls day out!

Last Saturday Whittney and I took Taylor for a girls day out. We promised her awhile back that we would take her shopping- just her and us. Taylor was so excited when we came to pick her up, we couldn't talk much because she kept asking when we were leaving! I think it made her feel very special to hang out with us and I love having her hang with us. She is truly an awesome little girl! I call her my mini best friend because she really is! We certainly had a blast, we rocked out to a couple of Taylor's favorite songs during the ride (Waking up in Vegas, Joey, One in the Same, and Party in the USA) and then had a blast in the stores being crazy, but not too crazy ;) Of course I brought my camera for this special day, and i will share some pictures with you- Taylor with Whittney in the first store of the day. And yes, Whittney was talking. lol.
Me and my mini best friend!
Then we got into head gear. First Whittney and I donned some princess crowns. Taylor said we looked goofy and would not get into the picture with us, haha.Then Taylor got in the spirit and found a witch hat!Then Taylor picked out this cute blue winter hat and wanted it, so I bought it for her. And of course got matching gloves to! Doesn't she look adorable!
Then to McDonald's for some dinner! It was very good! And Taylor looks like she agrees!
When we got back, Taylor anxiously showed off the stuff we bought her. And of course I couldn't go without bringing something back for Mikayla. We bought her some cool stuff but she was loving the gloves and was showing them off in this picture!And this one, only i put my hands up to! (So we put our hands up their playing our song .... haha.)I had an awesome day, and I am pretty sure Taylor did to ;) (and yes, this is a cell phone picture. The genius that I am thought to take one with her phone but not with her real camera.)


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh brother.

its your birthday, its your birthday!

As you may have figured out today is my brothers birthday. Hes turning the big 'ol 16! Its pretty crazy to think my little brother (and yes Tony, you will always be my little brother no matter how much taller you are) is 16 already. Its been a crazy 16 years having him around but i wouldn't trade them for anything.

The picture I decided on I chose because of lack of choice- my brother does not corporate when someone has a camera pointed at him. Could you tell by the goofy smiling face he is making in this picture? The only reason we even got one is because of moms first day of school picture ritual, so this is Tony and Dana before their first day of school. So Tony, If you don't like it too bad, its your own fault anyway =]


You are a great brother. I know I don't always show that I believe that statement is true and you don't always prove that statement to be true, you are the greatest brother for Dana and I and I would not trade you for any other brother. I remember when we were little and you got in trouble. You were not allowed to go outside and play with me but I really wanted you to. Mom gave you a choice, and you got spanked (because back then that was ok lol) a few times so that you could come outside with me. I also remember you firmly telling the lunch lady that I should not have to eat all my food if I did not want to. You've stood up and protected me so many times, just what brothers are for, and for that I thank you. Your quite the funny guy to, remember chewy chewy chewbacca? Hows frank and Timmy the talking toilet? And the time you bit me on the butt (who knows why) and I got in trouble for it? And don't forget about the day we played outside in the rain- what a crappy situation! Those were some very good times and I know we have many more good memories to come, I mean after all, we are sorta stuck with each other! =]
Just never forget that I love you. Despite the fights we get into, the times were I tease you and you get mad, when I scare you (Duh-duh-duh-duh- D-E-A!!!!, that was a good one you gotta admit!) and all the times I just can't even stand having you around, know that I love you and will always be here for you no matter how mad I am. Whether that's helping you avoid moms wrath by diverting her attention or scaring off a bully at school- I'm here for ya bro. Forever and always.

Have a great birthday, I Love You!