Friday, June 18, 2010

Small update and some changes!

Wow, it seems like it's been forever since I've sat down and wrote a post for my little corner of cyberspace here, and for bloggy world that may ring true since the more "famous" bloggers seem to pull time out of their butts and update their blogs almost everyday. But since my blog is not struggling against the demands of thousands of readers nor have I mastered the art of pulling time out of my butt, my blog has been slightly shoved aside so that I could accommodate the ever increasing demands that summer has brought along.

I can see that I'm not the only one that summer has kept busy though as I've noticed maybe one new post a day come through my feed reader. Hopefully this means all is going well for you all out there, I can say its been well for me, just really busy. I've got a bunch of little jobs I'm working as of right now: 2-3 babysitting jobs, weeding and cleaning for my aunt and uncle, and working in a shop downtown although unfortunately that will be shut down soon due to the economy and lack of business. So at the end of the month I will lose that job and will have to try and find another to make up for what I'm missing there. Ah, the whole summer job thing is stressful, especially since my small town and the downfall of the economy has left me with very little to work with, o well.

Moving on from the not so fun part of summer- the fun part of my summer has been doing very well! Whittney and I have been out and about doing fun stuff every chance we get. We even made a list of fun things we want to accomplish this summer, some of which are very funny! I'll have to share that list with all you and update you all on it as well- it's promising some fun times and I'm sure some great stories and memories! I have also got to spend some time with Kelley, as well as with Jodi and the girls, all of which I haven't gotten to see much of lately due to the clash of work schedules and free time as well as just being busy. But they all seem to be doing pretty well themselves, which is good news for me to hear.

Now that you've gotten an update I would like to tell you about a few changes coming to my blog. It's nothing major and actually, if you clicked on over here to read this you may have already noticed some of them- first of all I redesigned my blog! Yay for a new background and header! So far I'm really liking the new look- what do you think? I also wanted to expand the size of my blog posts so that I could enlarge pictures but with the new google blogger tool I can't seem to figure out how to do that without changing to one of their templates- Does anyone know how I can go about that? Also, I have a new about me section in route and about a month ago I changed the title and tag line of my blog although I have decided the URL will stay.

Then for the "biggest" change. I have been debating on this for a long time and have finally decided thanks to a article I read (Click HERE to see it and the link in the article is good to read to). I have decided that I am not longer going to watermark my images. I think that article had very good points and I have come to agree mostly with it. I still don't want people stealing my pictures- the very few worth stealing- but I would rather them present them in a nice way if they did instead of botching them up with the clone tool or cropping them funny to get rid of the watermark. I also find that blogging will be much more enjoyable without the added stress of having to watermark them all. Plus, my photos will be better presented on my blog without that distracting them. So that's my decision. I might change my mind again down the road but right now, I think that not watermarking them will be better.

What do you think? I would like to know your well thought opinions and what you prefer to do. So let me know! But for now here is an unwatermarked picture of one of my favorite summer things:

Hope you are all doing well!


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