Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday in the park with George.

But really, it was Friday in the park with kids. But I decided to call this post that because its the name of one of my favorite desperate housewives episodes that I happened to see the other day, and the title seemed fitting, despite the minor changes ;)

So I had to babysit Friday, but before I left Jodi called and asked if I wanted to meet them at the park because the girls wanted to see me as well as play. Since I already had to babysit I gave a call to the mom of the other kids and asked if I could bring them and I got the go ahead, so I lugged those three kids to the park and spent time with five kids, all age seven and under. But I loved it, and I love all the kids, so it was awesome. Plus it gave me the opportunity to whip out my camera and take some pictures. And that's what I did when I wasn't chasing the two year old around.

I would love to show you all more of the pictures I took but I have yet to get permission to post pictures of the other kids. But I did get some cute ones of the girls and have the go ahead to use them!

What do you think? I would love to hear feedback, good or bad. Helps me improve my game ;)

Saturday I went and watched Mikayla play Tball. The poor thing always gets upset because she never gets any balls. But she does a good job hitting and made some wicked home runs. More on Mikaylas Tball and Taylor's coach pitch to come - as well as pictures of course!

Today was graduation Sunday at church. It was quite interesting - around here the school i go to and the school in the town i live in (they are both small towns and right next to each other) have a major rivalry. Like Michigan and Ohio state. Only for us its Indians vs Pirates. Well I live in Indian territory but I am a Pirate. All the grads today were Indians, and me the only Pirate. It was quite funny, all this purple and white then the loner in red. plus they were all really tall, and I, am not. So that made for quite the celebration. It was a lil hard because they all go to school together and then there was me, who remembers all of them from when I was littler but I haven't really been around any of 'em for a few years. So ya, that was that.

After that Whittney and I hung out for a bit, did a lil shopping, got wind burnt from riding in her mustang with the top down, and found some cool kids hats we liked...
Ha ha. we. are. goofy. But that's why we are such good friends.

That's all I got for today, I have been frequently shorted on time, that's why I have not been posting much. Schools almost out though, so that shouldn't be to much of a problem pretty soon!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This week over at IheartFaces the theme is Silhouettes. This one was tough because I really haven't purposely took one of these, but I do have some that just happened that way. I also have some really great ones but they don't have people in them. To bad it isn't IheartObjects ;) So here is one the one I have decided to enter:
This would be Taylor, she was climbing something at the park when I snapped this picture of her.
I still love this photo because even though I can't see her face in the photo, I am sure shes got this cute lil grin on her face, and it reminds me how happy and loving this girl is, and how much I love her!
Be sure to go over to IHeartFaces and enter your photo!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A blur of time.

Wow, this week has went so fast its left me breathless. It sure does seem like I haven't even had the time to breathe.

But Saturday I did have time to take Landon to the park and we sure did have fun! I got a picture with him so that I could frame it and put it in my room because he came up to my room to play and he just started looking around so I asked him what he was looking for he replied with "I am looking for a picture of Landon, wheres a picture of Landon" Too cute! Boy did I feel bad for not having one! But I actually have some from prom that are going to be framed but I haven't framed them yet.

So just for you Landon, here's a picture of Landon!

Isn't he just the cutest!

After that I went to Randi Kays sweet sixteen party. We had a lot of fun there! I haven't uploaded the pics for that yet so I can't post any =[ sorry!

The next day we went shopping because our freezer broke and now all our frozen foods have taken up residence in our neighbors freezers. My parents ended up finding one yesterday instead, and its pretty cool. I am excited to be able to not have to take a trip to find the waffles! When I got back from there I went to Courtney Cs. house where I ended up playing a game of "cat and mouse" with my friends, guess who was the mouse...yeahhhh. lol.

Yesterday I got to spend time with one of my closest friends, Whittney. We certainly had a lot of fun.

Then today I went back to school...=[ Which ended up being worse than usual because of *gasp* Drama. Ughhh I hate drama! I try and avoid it all all costs because I am more mature than that, seriously. But the cat and mouse game lead to some things I guess and now one of my best friends is very angered at me. *sigh* I don't know what to do. I hate it that I always get the brunt of the anger, even if I wasn't even involved it tends to fall on me, and that sucks.

Well, I don't want to dwell on that anyways so moving on...

but I am not going far because I have to go address more graduation invitations. So I hope to post again tomorrow for IheartFaces if time allows me to breathe long enough to do so ;)


Monday, May 18, 2009

Blurb Book

Over at I heart faces they are having a blurb book contest. We get the chance to enter one of our best "faces" pictures. If it wins, it goes in their blurb book.

Click on the picture link to join the fun!

Picking one favorite picture is a hard decision to make. But I think I have decided on this one-

I am submitting this photo into the Blurb Book photo contest. I am granting I ♥ Faces permission to use my photo in a printed version of a book for commercial use and possibly advertising of a photo book on both the Blurb and I ♥ Faces web sites.

I have decided that this photo will be the one I keep, it was a hard choice and I hope I made the right decision...Thank you to all who helped!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Its my last chance...

...This season to leave you with this.....

The season finale is on tonight, I cant wait to watch it but I wish it wasn't over. It sucks having to wait all summer for new episodes.

I seriously love this show and have been a HUGE fan ever since it started five years ago. Everyone knew where I was every Sunday at 9 and they also knew I wouldn't talk unless it was a commercial.

If any of the rest of you are fans, let me know, I am now your new best friend =]

So happy Desperate Housewives Sunday, I need to go and get ready for the best two hours of the week ;)


PS: Visit the last post, its a good one!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yesterday I skipped school.

But technically, not really. But it just sounds cooler than what I really did. I really took a Voucher day because I have had perfect attendance since eighth grade. Dumb goal let me tell ya. Don't know what I was thinking. Well actually I was thinking that after having perfect attendance in eighth grade and ninth and after seeing two kids get money for having all through high school I figured I could do it to and get money.


I have been to school sick, tired, and totally worn out. I have missed vacation opportunities (actually I would be on my way to Disney at this moment if I didn't have perfect attendance) as well as opportunities to just skip and have fun with my friends.

And you know what will probably happen? I will go up for that reward at the awards ceremony and they will tell me that due to economic downfall, they don't have anything to give me. Blah.

But I have made it this far...

Oh I forgot to tell you how I got out yesterday. Well I passed all five OGTs on the first try so the school rewards kids who do that with three days you can take off without them counting against you, so I used one of those.

And boy was I busy.

First of all, I went to the trike-a-thon. The kids at the preschool do this every year (and I did it when I went there, a long time ago!) Landon and Mikayla were in it, and I decided I would love to go watch them. Plus its not like I had anything cooler to do than go and see two of my favorite kids run there tricycles around a track.

Landon and Mikayla happened to be in the same holding box (yes they put the kids in big boxes until it was there turn...?!) And I think Mikayla saw me taking this picture, lol. I don't know the kids in the back, let alone have permission to put them on here so that's why they have pixelized faces lol.

Mikayla giving us a wave as she rides on by! Check out her racing stripes =]
There she goes!

The second thing I did was do a second picture session with my friend Kelley. I am taking her senior pictures for her and we took some back in the winter and she wanted some outdoors. So we went to this pretty field and got a few shots, but Kelley couldn't be out for long so we didn't take a lot. Kelley found this idea on the Internet and asked to get on like it. The grass was so long we had to pat down a spot for her, then for me. Then I had to yank out some grass so I could see her and as you can see there is still a big blade right on her face. Trying this didn't last long because the sun was "burning her pasty white skin" and bugs didn't help either.
This would have to be my personal favorite that I took yesterday.
I also like this one, I edited it to look this way and I like the turn out.

Well my neighbor, Randi, let me borrow her Nikon D50 for Kelley's pictures since my camera isn't as awesome as hers. After Kelley left I was asked to come to the softball game cause the girls were asking to see me, so I went and took them to the park and photographed them playing.
Climbing the rock wall.
They loved the big camera. It made them smile every time I turned their way. Usually they will ask me to stop taking their pictures, but they were all to willing yesterday! Ahh, the magic a Nikon can do.
The lil monkey climbing again.
A big smile from the beautiful Taylor.
Mikayla posing with a baseball.
Shes just to cute!
Them together. This is usually how they look when I ask for a picture of them together. Taylor usually will say no and run away and Mikayla will usually chase her and be like Taylor please! And then I beg and they give me a goofy picture where Taylor is trying to get as far away as possible. And that's why I only have a few good pictures of the both of them together. I actually got a perfect one earlier in the week which I will post another time.

Well, how bout that for a summary for one of the longest days in my life? I would not have traded it for anything though. And as for the day off where I did more than I would usually do? It was very much needed!


Monday, May 11, 2009


I think I would like to try and enter the I heart faces weekly contests. I am going to go ahead and try it out and lets see how it works. If you are a visitor and find that I am doing something wrong, please let me know! So here it is....

The theme this week is laughter and I think I have just the photo for the Iheartfaces kids category.
This was taken a couple years ago but its one of my favorites of Mikayla. She was laughing at something my sister said and we just had an awesome day that day.

Well I have to stick with short but sweet here, thank you for viewing, please leave constructive feedback and comments!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Time has left me...

...and I am still waiting for it to come back! I planned to post during the week, I planned to keep my promises and post more in general but when I said that time started running and I couldn't seem to catch it at all this week! And to be honest I still haven't caught it. At this moment I still have a long list of things to do. All that being said,heres my Qshot!

The question for today was "Whats your zodiac sign?" The answer is...

I am a pisces. The zodiac represented by fish.

We are said to be:
Shy ---> Yeah I suppose I am, until I get to know you.
Romantic ----> Well fit.
Trustworthy -----> Most certainly. I am very trustworthy.
Dreamy ---> Eh, so-so.
Creative ----> Oh, yes!
Understanding ----> Yes. very. A little to much sometimes.
Unrealistic ----> I can be.
Impractical ---> Uhm, not sure about this one.

We are said to like:
Romance ---> Yeah.
Nature ----> I like as well.
Ambient music --->I guess but not really.
Poetry ---> Same as above, its ok.
Mystical settings ---> They are alright.
Being loved / wanted ---> Yes, good description of myself.
Freedom ---> yeah, who doesn't? lol.
Privacy ----> Certainly.

We are said to dislike:
Noise ---> Depending on what it is.
Crowds ---> Yes, more a one on one person, or a small group.
Dirt & ugliness ---> Ha, agreed.
Garish objects ---> Also agreed.
Being reminded ---> Not so much, sometimes I need it.
Tight spaces ---> Refer to older post ;)
Authority ----> uhm, I dont mind it. I respect authority and as long as I am treated well its fine.
Revealing private life ---> uhm, well yes and no. I don't mind talking to friends about it but if I write a personal letter or something to someone and someone else reads it...grrr. I hate that.

Another site said:

Positive Traits• Imaginative and sensitive • Compassionate and kind • Selfless and unworldly • Intuitive and sympathetic

Negative Traits• Escapist and idealistic • Secretive and vague • Weak-willed and easily led

Pisces Likes: foods of all kinds, romantic places, sunsets over the sea, waterfalls, ponds, poetry, people, mystical settings, candles, incense, freedom to drift along from moment to moment, and their own uninterrupted personal privacy.

Pisces Dislikes:bright, noisy, crowded, popular places and dirty, ugly, garish objects, and the wrong people.

My opinion on most of the traits and such I have seen for my sign is that most of them do fit well I think, but then again some don't and what about the friends I have that either have the same sign and are not like me at all, or people that are just like me but have a different sign. Certainly makes me wonder. What do you think? Do you agree with what your sign says about you? Let me know what you think about your sign.

Now that I have finally posted, I think I better work on more of my homework. You know sometimes I wonder if teachers remember that kids have lives to. ;)


PS: What do you think of the new header? Which did you like better?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A day late and a word short.

Yes it is Sunday, and yes the picture below clearly says Saturday Qshot but like I said- I am a day late and a word short and I send out my deepest apologies for not getting this up yesterday. =] All hard feelings towards me and the horrible fact that I can't easily follow the rules here is my Qshot. The question was pick one word that describes yourself. Mine is...

Or at least I'd like to think so. But because of my horrible inability to follow rules (do you see a trend? I am dearly sorry...) and because I can't seem to ever just pick one (maybe indecisive would be the best choice for this assignment?) Here is the other one I would choose...

So since I have much to do today I must end on that note. But I will try and do better keeping on top of things, and posting more often. ;)

Much Love,

Friday, May 1, 2009


That's this weeks theme for Favorite Foto Friday and I have got to say, I can't find a good one to put up here.

My obvious choice would be this-

BUT I didn't take that picture. So I don't think it counts. And quite frankly after searching my photos I can't come up with a decent picture for this theme. I found one that is ok but I don't think it fits the high standards I have for my photography. Sadly, Its not focused. But not every picture can be perfect and since I still like it and want to enter FFF this week, here it is.
So, there you go. Its not perfect but its there.

And by the way, sorry its taken me so long to post again, I was hoping to get more comments on my prom post.

So I have a question to end with...How do you get more bloggy friends? Not that I don't love the ones I have but I would of course like to add more. So how did you do it? =]

Also, how do you manage tags for your blogs? Do you tag everyone you mention or have in photos? How do you group things?

Thank you for whatever input you give me on these!

Well, I plan to post tomorrow for Qshot, so until tomorrow...

Much Love,