Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where homesickness bumps frustration and they both trip over overwhelmed and land on emotion.

Thats where you can find me.

I have so much to say, so many things that I want to put up here so that I will have these stories on my blog so that I can come back and reflect on these moments of my life.
The things that I have neglected to blog but should be up here, like
My cousins coming to stay with me for a week,
Me moving on campus,
Me being moved my first week on campus,
Adjusting to the campus life and the crazy feelings that went with it,
My campus job, that I'm pretty proud of,
How my photography is growing- through sessions and campus opportunities,
What I have learned about my true friends since I've left,

and how I don't at all feel prepared to face life some days.

As well as so much more but time never allows me any of that. I already keep pushing back my bedtime. I cut out activities to do homework. I haven't got to see my family in almost two weeks because if I stay here I think I can get more done. I miss out on friendship building fun activities because I don't feel that I will ever get it all done if I take any time away from it.

I don't know how other college students find the time to watch movies or take naps. I can't seem to find the time to eat some days.

But life goes on and all this frustration may just be the mood I'm in. Which seems to follow all to closely way to often.

I'll share a picture with you since that's all time has left me to offer:

A flower on the bush outside my apartment. Kinda pretty, huh.

Well I better return to homework...

Do you know its been only short one day of a month since I've blogged?

Sad huh.

Well about that homework...I'll be back when it's done.

See you in...June?!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Excuse me sir, but you smell wonderful!

Not to long ago I wrote a post about my excitement over my first concert. (to visit it, click here) If you read the post you would know how totally excited I was over getting to go to my first concert and having my first celebrity encounter. If you didn't read that post, let me tell you- I was pumped, like super excited. And that's an understatement!

Who knew it would get even better not even two weeks later.

I went to another concert.

A Chuck Wicks concert to be exact. (He is extremely hott. Just sayin')

At a seemly forgotten fair, where we paid only 5 bucks to watch and could get right up to the stage, if we so had chose.

With only about 40 other people in attendance, it was laid back and well worth the two hour trip.

I didn't think it could get better.
But then it did. Check this out:

An amazingly sexy picture of him? Yes, it is. But look a little closer:
He signed it. Personally.

Then it got even better:
We got to get pictures with him.

I may have been trying not to drool in this picture.

He got close. I touched the man, he had his arm on me, and mine was on him.

I was in heaven. I just got to see Craig Morgan and attend my first concert. Now I was at another one, where I actually got to meet a famous man, get his autograph, and get a picture with him.

I was in heaven. He is such a good looking man.

And let me tell you- not only did he look good but he smelled good to!!