Monday, June 29, 2009

So much excitement,

in such a small amount of time! And the only part I've gotten to share is about my camera! But I now have the time to fill you in on what all was going on for me last week!
These are the major(ish) things that happened:
-My mom and sister returned, bringing back my cousins who stayed with us the entire week!
-Jodi and the girls returned bringing good ideas and fun things for us all to do
-The weather spiked up and we got to turn the a/c on, and Me and my three (1 sister, 2 cousins) and Jodi and her two got to pack it up and go to the pool for the day.
-My D60 came!
-My family, friends and I got to work on decorating the place my party was at, which included all my pictures, which is a two day job in itself ;)
-My parents, aunt, and uncle got to work on getting all the food together.
-My neighbor took care of the cake arrangements.
-My mom got me balloons, including at big 2009, which was awesome!
-Then my party happened: which was completely amazing and went better than I ever expected!
-Then yesterday my cousins left =[ which was very sad. They live far away and I just miss em so much!
-But then my sad mind was distracted, Jodi and I went shopping and we had a blast! And she hates shopping just so you know. And ya know what else? I got to hear a fire alarm go off in wal-mart! Have any of you ever been around to hear them test the alarm? Ha ha, I feel special ;)

And that is the summary of the big(ish) things that happened during this last week. There was also lots of little things going on, but I will not bore you with those details, because now i am getting to what you really came for- The pictures!
These cute kiddos are my cousins and my sister. I took them to the park. (This is the only picture in this post that was not taken with my new camera.)Meet Brooke, the older of the two. Shes such an amazing kid, so grown up and to smart for her own good. Shes a natural leader and is always there for you no matter what you need.
Meet Jessica, the younger of the two. This kid is quite amazing herself. Shes got quite the silly side and can always put a smile on my face. Shes got a kind heart and always knows how to make you feel better about yourself.

They are amazing, and they are my cousins. I miss them so much I quite frankly can't even stand it.
Party Time!

Me with my wonderful cake!
Me with Marcia, my cousin, and her daughter Claire, my second cousin.
Me and the girls! Taylor then Mikayla!
Me and my four closest friends!
My new favorite picture ever- Me and my three best friends. I have never had a picture of us all together! I love these three so much and I do not know what I would do without them!
Right before my cousins left: had to get one last picture together.

Well there ya go, the reason why I have not posted sooner. I hope it was worth your wait with all the pictures I put up here!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I just couldn't wait!

I have been so busy this past week. My graduation party is Saturday: the to-do list for that is huge! Right now my biggest focus is the movie i am making for it, it's taken up so much of my time! But I am almost done...then for the scrapbooks... Also, my 'lil cousins who live far away are staying with us for the week so I have to keep them entertained.

Those things on top of everything else has left me short on blogging time. But there is something else that has cut my blogging time short, something that I had to make time to blog about because I just couldn't wait any longer to share....



I am so excited. I've been wanting one of these for awhile now, but I did not expect it this soon. I feel so professional and cool when I use it. I can not wait to get new lenses and other stuff for it, this hobby is addicting!

Well, I just really wanted to share that with ya'll. Sorry I don't have any pictures that I took with it to post, I know that's kind of expected but I've been so busy!

No worries though, as soon as this party is over with I should be able to blog more often! And I betcha there will be lots more pictures!

And I thought I took alot of pictures before..... ;)


Friday, June 19, 2009

Their mistake, our luck.

In the mix of graduation festivities I forgot to fill ya'll in on what happened with the whole phone deal. (Didn't read the story? Catch up by clicking HERE)

So after two days of taking my moms phone around with me in order to have contact as I was grad party hopping, we made our way to the Verizon store to see what they could do about what happened.

Now before I tell you that part, I better tell you this- When we set up our account for the first time we told them to put insurance on my phone and my mom decided to opt out of it. Simple, right? Put it on mine, leave if off on my moms. Well about ohhh, six months after having the phone I was helping move stuff for a yard sale when it fell out of my pocket, it landed on a rock, and bam! cracked front screen that no longer worked. We brought it in, they told us that I did not have insurance on my phone. They put it on my moms instead! Lucky for my mom, if you venture to say, a week later her phone stopped working and she got all the perks of the insurance I should've had. So I dealt with the cracked screen, no biggie, until the day it was stolen and we realized this could've been quickly fixed given they had put the insurance on the right phone.

But back to the part where we went to Verizon two days after the whole lost/stolen incident: We go there and explain, and ask what our options are. The lady says "Well, since your the primary line, you were actually up for an upgrade back in January" WHAT?! My moms phone is supposed to be the primary line, and my mom was not to happy to hear otherwise. But we quickly realized this could work to our advantage: It meant that I could get a new phone, at the cheap new contract price.

So I introduce to you, my new cell phone: The chocolate 3. (I actually tried to get two other models first, but they did not have them in stock, but I am actually very glad this is the one I got, I am quite pleased with it.)

I love the powder blue color! So bright and pretty, and I just love blue!
I use word to text so I really like the keypad on this phone. And the huge screen and front screen are a plus!
They also gave me a silicone cover, which for now I have decided to use. I want it to look nice for awhile and the cover does a good job keeping it that way!

So that's how the story goes. Well my mom did try to switch the primary line back to hers but to avoid confusion, it happens to still be mine. O well, ;)

Usually when companies make mistakes like these it's not a good thing, but this time it worked out just as we needed it to. Thank God for the business people who reallly don't listen to what you say.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'ts official, I'm done.

I am no longer a high school student, but a high school graduate. After 15 years of school I was able to walk across that stage and snag up that half sheet of paper that proves I met the necessary requirements set by the state. Ahhh to finally be done, a rewarding yet scary thing. Its about time though, going to school for SIX years in a row to keep up my perfect attendance I am so glad I do not have to worry about that anymore.

I still can not manage to wrap my head around it. It does not really feel like its over. It does not seem like I will not see my classmates everyday or eat lunch in that cafeteria ever again. It still feels like, come fall, I will return to that same school, shove my stuff in that same locker, hear that same bell, and take notes from those same teachers. It will sink in eventually but for now, summer is what is consuming my mind ;)

Back to graduation: I have pictures! yay! My neighbor, Randi (to visit her, click HERE) volunteered to take pictures at senior night and graduation, bless her heart! She took some awesome shots, per usual, so without further hesitation, here they are!
Senior night! I won two scholarships. Can you say hooray!
Graduation day! Here is the cover to our program.
These would be some of my closest friends. I wanted a normal picture but the two goofs in the back did not allow for that!
I ranked 8 in my class, which is really good. This is me, Melinda, and Brittany (8,7,6) standing up for the top ten recognition. The thing on my neck is my NHS stole, which all three of us were also in, and the rope is for being in the top ten.
After top ten, they announced scholarships (that were not awarded to you by your college) people had gotten. We had to stand and turn towards the audience when they announced us.
After that I was time to receive our diplomas! I was lucky I did not trip, or shake with the wrong hand.
After the ceremony, outside with my family!
A collage of pictures I took with friends after the ceremony! I took more but I can only involve the people who have given me permission to put them on here, lol.
And finally- me with my diploma (yes, I blurred it out for protection purposes.)
And that's the end of my high school career. Thank you so much to my classmates for filling these years with awesome memories and making high school an amazing experience. Thank you to my family and friends for everything you have done for me: you are much appreciated. Thank you.
Congrats Class of 2009! We're Done!
My Class motto: What we do in life echoes in eternity. Gladiator.
My Class song: Dare you to move by Switchfoot.
My Class flower: White Rose


Monday, June 15, 2009


Another week over at IheartFaces and this weeks theme is any Sepia toned picture. Now this one leaves a lot to choose from, you can change any photo to a Sepia picture. But it actually did not take me long to come to my decision....

I chose this picture of Mikayla, which was originally taken in color. I am not to much of a fan of Sepia colored pictures, i am more for black and white, but I don't think this one turned out to bad.

Do you like her outfit? She dressed up just to come and see me ;)

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And come back here soon- I graduated yesterday and will be posting about that!

Thank you for viewing!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

A whirlwind of crazy.

That's how I would describe the things going on here in my neck of the woods.
So much is going on in this head of mine I don't know what to do.
-I am graduating tomorrow, am I ready? Did I make the right choices? Did I pick the right college? The right major?
-I want to buy a Nikon, should I do it? Which one? Will it be worth it? Will I be able to shoot in manual?
-I've been offered a gallery for my photography, should I take it? Is it worth it?
-I kinda made a deal whereas now I am supposed to buy a bikini and wear it, can I do it? Should I try? I sure don't have the confidence for it- Do I need to just grow up and trust the people who say I will be fine wearing one? If I don't do it how can I just break that deal (and why did I make it in the first place? lol.)

And then I have my graduation to make stuff for (although its not for a little while yet), a bunch to go to (and I don't know where half of them are), Jodi and the girls are leaving for eight days (mind you, I have talked to her almost everyday for the past year) AND there is a fly in my room that is driving me nuts (but I am to lazy to get up and chase it with a flyswatter.)

And those are just a few of the thoughts that I am able to catch in the whirlwind of crazy that is my brain right now. In all retrospect, I know it can be worse. It certainly could be much worse. But for now its at a level that I am not sure if I can handle a much bigger whirlwind.

Anyways, on a lighter note, ball season has officially taken off! Actually it has been going on but I've been a bit of a slacker lately and for that I am sorry. Will a couple pictures make it better? Oh good I thought so ;)
Here is Mikayla playing at one of her games, she looks so little out there! I think she was waving at me from 1st base in this picture. She also usually only lasts a couple innings before shes just done with it and the poor thing gets sad when she doesn't get the ball!
This would be Taylor and I. This is what we do during Mikaylas games, lol. We take pictures, talk, play catch, and play those hand clap games that little kids play. Taylor plays coach pitch and I have been to her games but have not gotten any good pictures of her playing yet so I will have to get some and post them later.
Well, I think that's all I got to say for now. I apologize for the randomness and venting on this post but I just needed to put it out there, lol. And now I need to go and get ready for another grad party....


PS: I almost forgot to tell you, that our cable broke again (I seriously had nothing to do with it!) and now the cable guy has to come back again, I wonder if it will be the same one? ;)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Just another reason why. Cedar Point part 2.

While forming the words to tell the story of our senior trip I decided to leave out one little part of the story. I decided to do it this way because I wanted this part to be less about the Senior trip and more about why I adore the certain person I am writing about. I wanted the focus to be turned on the person and not the event.

And just so that you know I am not writing this post for entertainment purposes. This is one of those special posts that I am writing so that when I look back on this thirty years from now I can see exactly how what happened made me feel and how truly thankful for this person I am. I am writing this so that the person I am writing about can look back on it and see exactly how much I adored the fact that she did this for me.

So now that you know that here's the back story:

Jodi hates roller coasters. Its not the speed, the non-secure feeling, the turns or anything like that, Its the height. Shes afraid of heights.

Now like I said, I love roller coasters. Love them. And when Jodi decided to go to cedar point I was very excited to have her as a riding buddy. (We had a group of 5 at the time and of course I was number 5) Now I knew she was scared of heights but we had talked previously and she said she might be able do get on them- depending on how she felt about it when she got there. I really wanted her to ride at least my favorite one with me and had been trying to convince her for awhile prior to the trip. Everyone was saying that there was no way that I would ever be able to do it. But I thought she would have fun (after getting over the height part) and still tried and tried.

I even continued trying as we waited in line (which I even had to convince her to do) for my favorite roller coaster:
The Millennium force: Only the second highest roller coaster in the world (which I neglected to tell her *wink*), second only to the dragster, which I have also ridden.

As we are standing in line she is still saying that she will not ride it as me and the rest of us are still trying to convince her - using about every excuse we could think of. When we got up to the gates I thought for sure that all of our convincing would fall short and she would choose to sit this one out since she was able to see how high this coaster really is.

Much to my surprise She files in the line for a seat right along with the rest of us. I then ask if she is actually going to do this because I will just have to ride with someone else if she won't. She answers by looking at me then says I need to get in first and she wants the back of the car. I am so proud of her!

And there we are. Extremely obvious elation on my face (can you tell I like roller coasters? Didn't think so lol.) And a look of...well I am not sure what to say about the expression on her face. She had her eyes closed the entire time- but is that a little hint of a smile i see? And then theirs Rochelle in the seat behind us- laughing? crying? scared? Not sure about that one either. lol.

Her reaction to the ride? She said she hated it - worst few minutes of her life (but if I was as stubborn about not liking it at all and then if I possibly did like it I would not admit it either so there is that possibility, but that's just my thoughts *smiles*) now she knows that any other type of high roller coaster is out of the picture,


she is glad she did it for me. And that's just another reason why I love her so dearly. I don't think I could ask for a better best friend..

So Jodi if you are reading this first of all, I really am sorry for bugging you about doing something you did not want to do. I feel very badly about it, I just thought you would have fun. And I am still hoping that you did but did not really want to admit it. Secondly, I am so proud of you! You are deathly afraid of heights but you went on the second tallest roller coaster in the world. That's something to be proud of! Even though you may never want to do that again at least you can say you faced your fear. I am so proud! Lastly, thank you for thinking high enough of me to do something like this just because I asked you to. For facing your fear because you just love me that much! (And for still saying I am your favorite after you got off the ride!) You certainly are the best and this is something I will never forget. You are certainly my favorite and I love you lots! Thanks for being a great friend.


PS- This is totally off topic but the cable guy just came a little bit ago and he was so cute! You know you expect these old guys so you just wear your sweats...or maybe that was just me? Poop. Missed a good one there....he even took off his shoes and played with my dog! I am thinking our cable might be broken again in the near future....*wink*

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can you hear me now? Cedar Point part One.

Yesterday was our Senior Trip and we picked to go to Cedar Point - Americas Roller Coast! Where else? ;)

We loaded the bus at about 7:45 and got there uhhhm round 9 or 10.
Me and Melinda sat together
Rochelle, Katie, Jamie, and Brittany were behind us.

We got there and boy was I in heaven- All my best friends and roller coasters - can't get better than that.

The lines were not to bad so we immediately hopped in one and got our first thrill of the day. We moved on from coaster to coaster and even though I have rode them all before let me tell ya they never get old. We were even able to convince Jodi to ride three of them (shes not a roller coaster person, more on that in the next post.)
Then we finally made it to my favorite ride- The Millennium force. I love this coaster. I was so excited. Now throughout the whole day I was worried about my phone falling out on one of the rides. I did not wear pants with good pockets and had the feeling all day that I was not going to end up bringing this phone back with me. But I am a worrier and that I know so I just took the extra precautions on all the rides so that this feeling would not go any further.
But it was different this time.
I decided that on this coaster it goes so fast and I was so excited I did not think my pockets would be able to hold my phone well at all, so I asked Brittany if she could put it in her much better, jeans pockets. We get on the ride and have one heck of a fun ride and then get off. As I am going down the exit I see that Brittany has stopped and is looking around...oh no... I turned to the person next to me and I say "I betcha my phone did not make it" now I had no idea and I just thought on that feeling... and it turned into truth.
My phone did not survive the Millennium Force. I wish I could tell you thats all of this story but there is more...
I called my mom from a friends phone soon after to tell her what happened. Like any mother would be, she was not happy. But she told me to call her again in an hour if we could not find it and she will report it lost. I called her back in an hour and the conversation went something like this...
Me: "Hi mom" Mom: "So you found your phone" Me: "No, I am calling from Brittany's phone" Mom: "Well you must of found it cause you have been texting me" Me: "Nooo mom I have not found it" Mom: "Well someones been texting me"
.....and so it goes. Someone found it. My mom texted me asking if I had found it. They answered No. Mom, thinking it was me, asked where I found it. They answered in the bushes. My mom tried to call, they turned it off and it went straight to voicemail.
So my phone was found, but I still do not have it. They never turned it in. I went to the lost and found and filed a report and as of this morning they still do not have my phone. But someone does.
Its crazy because I do not even know where they would have found it. The only bushes around that ride that are not fenced off are back off the main way and blocked by vendors. Are these people like random bush checkers? I think that they would have had to see it fall, otherwise I cannot think of how they would have found it. And then the fact that my phone is not even worth keeping, really. The front screen is broken and its scratched and cracked and its not even a good model phone. Its not like the iphone or even close for that matter. So why would you not turn it in? And then if you were going to be a smart thief, why text my mom? And as a person taking a phone ya gotta know that the owner is going to shut off the service. So why not turn it in? Its beyond me really. I have priceless pictures on there and even worse I have a friend who I am now never going to be able to get in contact with because I now do not have her number. The circumstances with her make it hard to begin with now I do not have any idea how I am going to find her.
My mom thinks a kid may have found it. A kid that knows how to text and that would hide it from their parents so they would not have to give it back. Otherwise, I have no logic that would make sense. What do you think?
But all-in-all this trip was amazing. I had so much fun with my friends riding roller coasters.
And the answer to the title? No, I can't hear you now, but I am hoping that soon this situation will turn good and that I will be able to hear you now.
And as for the trip- its certainly one I'll never forget.
Tune in for part two- the one part of the story I haven't told yet!


Blog award!

I received this awesome award from Stephanie over at Roper Family (click HERE to visit her blog!)
It's the first one I have ever gotten and I am very excited! I feel so special ;)

This is why she picked me "She is so young and full of energy. I wish I were young like her again! She loves photography (which immediately grabs my attention) and so I just love going to her site and seeing what new pictures she is posting"

She's to nice! Thank you for the award and I love your blog to!

Now I get to pass it on...

The rules are: Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 3 other blogs that you've newly discovered. (I was actually supposed to pick 5 blogs but I decided to only do 3 for now) Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award. So here it goes.

Well since I pretty new to blogging I won't have a problem with the newly discovered part! lol. And so you all know, I love all my blogging friends and It's so hard to chose! But these are the three I have decided on:

Lindsay @ Another Day in Paradise : I love reading about the things her and her family do and her kids are the cutest! She is also into photography and that's always a plus for me! I love seeing all the pictures she posts!

Jennifer @ JustBeeKoz : I love all the cute blog posts she posts with lots of pictures and a cute story to go with them. Lots of pictures, good stories and cute kids - definitely a blog I look forward to reading!

Suzanne @ Mom To the 3rd Power : Another blog with lots of pictures! She's always got interesting stories about the things her and her kids do! Another blog with lots of pictures, good stories and cute kids that I enjoy reading!

Well I would like to give awards to all my blog friends but unfortunately that's not how this goes. Just keep in mind that I love you all! Also keep in mind that I am not good at saying why I love the blogs I read I just know I do, so sorry to the ones I picked on my lack of words about why I picked you ;)

Well I got quite the post coming up later today so stick around to check that out!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The themes over at IheartFaces this week is birthday and pets. Well I don't have a good picture for birthday but I do believe I have the perfect one for pets.

They said it could be any animal so I chose this, which happens to be one of my favorite pictures of all time-
I really hope you all like this one, I know I sure do. I love it so much I have not edited it in any way. I just don't feel that it really needs it. But let me know what you think, feedback in anyway can always help!

To learn more or to check out the other IheartFaces entries go to their website by clicking HERE
Thank you for viewing!