Sunday, April 26, 2009


wow. prom was amazing this year. I can even begin to describe the fun in words and I know that you didn't come here to read about it anyway so I will just use pictures. The descriptions will be underneath, so enjoy and comment! This is Me with Randi, my wonderful neighbor. She took all the beautiful pictures of us before prom. She did such a wonderful job and I am so glad to have her as my friend/neighbor/role model/photographer buddy! (PS, you can find her over at
This would be me.
This would be Jodi, my twin =] We are so much alike its crazy really.This is me with Gavin and Landon, Randi's boys. Aren't they adorable?
Us again.
My family and I.
One of my best friends, Kelley, and me.
My best friends! In order shortest to tallest- Me,Kelley,Lizzy,Brittany.
One of my favorites, where did my legs go?
Another favorite. Well actually all the ones on here are my favorites lol
My best friend Brittany and I, shes the best!
My group, Kelley,Me,Brittany,Courtney,Lizzy
We spotted some boys! lol.
Actually at prom, waiting on the food.
All my best friends! From top to bottom: Jamie,Brittany,Me,Lizzy,Rochelle,Katie,Courtney.
Jamie and I!
Whittney and I
Melinda and I, Her mom handbeaded that dress, isnt that amazing!
Jodi and I again, Love this girl!
Katie and I! aww!
Mirror shot, shes so much taller!
And then, after prom we had to stop at wall mart cause that's the cool thing to do!
Well anyways that is a picture summary of my Senior prom! Well some pictures anyways, I have so many more but I had to limit it down to my favorites (which you see I had a hard time doing anyways lol) Hope you like them and please comment!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I do indeed have a reason...

for my lack of blogging. That would be because I was in PITTSBURGH! NHS decided to go there for a field trip this year so that's where I have been. I have so many pictures to show you all so I am going to go right into those now but just so you know I am going to try and keep up better and I didn't edit any of these pictures I was to anxious to post them! So here they are !

This would be the city of course, so beautiful!

We went to a pirates game and had the nosebleed seats but It was fine cause we just had tons of fun! And they won which is awesome!

After the game I took some pictures of the city at night
We went on a dinner cruise that was absolutely lovely and so much fun!

We also went to a museum where our tour guide spent way to much time talking about the dinosaurs.

When we were finally let out of the dinosaur part we got to explore and they had a bunch of animals (they were stuffed)

And of course as a die hard Steelers fan I have this wonderful picture of the stadium they play in! I was so very excited to see this!

So there you have it!! I would blog more but I kind of still have homework I need to do but no worries I hope to stay better plugged into blogging, after all, prom is coming up!

Much Love,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Its all to real now.

60 days until I graduate. About 35 school days.
Its starting to feel real now. All year its just seemed like something still in the future. I know I am a senior, I know I am graduating this year, I know all this and more, but It had yet to feel real.

Yesterday we received our cap and gowns. Now it feels real.
Next weekend is prom, kind of the beginning of the end is how Brittany put it. And shes right. I am starting to get nervous, so many choices, so many worries. Real life is about to hit and I don't know if I am ready for it yet. Is that normal, or am I just a wimp?

So overwhelming. I wish I knew for sure that everything will be ok, and I am pretty sure that it will all turn out ok but for now I think I am stuck wallowing in uncertainty and worry.

^My mini tassel keyring =]^

Well, anyways, sorry for the lack of posts and the shortness of this one as well but the teachers of mine have decided to make up for spring break and load us with homework. On top of all that are the other things I have to to but I squeezed in time for a short post here which is more than I thought I would so I am pretty darn proud of myself =]

Until next time,

Much Love,

Saturday, April 11, 2009

If I could go anywhere...

... I haven't been, where would I go?? The answer to that is-
TEXAS! I really don't have a good answer as to why, but lately the thought of going there has taken up a lot of space in my mind. Maybe its all the talk about how nice the weather is or maybe because I have been watching to much Reba lately but I can really see myself living there. So why don't I choose to go to college there? Its a perfect idea with one problem. Its so far away. I hate the fact that my extended family lives three hours away so why would I want to tack on another like 18 hours??? Yeah, I am in a dilemma. I could suck it up and just do it but I first of all am not very brave, and second of all, well, this probably falls into my lack of bravery but I definitely do not want to go all by myself, And I do not want to leave all I have here. All the people I love, I'd miss them way to much. Gah, why do I have to be the sedimentally attached to people type? So it looks like I will be stuck here for awhile. But who knows maybe someday I will be in Texas or maybe I will end up completely somewhere else. Feel free to leave your opinion on my little problem, you probably have a much better idea as to what I could do. And if not I need a good laugh. =]

Well that's all I have for now, the weather is actually pretty decent so I think I am going to go and enjoy it!
Please comment!
Much Love,

Friday, April 10, 2009

FFF and my questionably 18 story!

Now I know that you probably want to see the pictures and that's the biggest reason you decided to take a look at this post but first I want to share with you something I find exciting!

I finally got my "questionably 18" moment. Whats that you ask? Well let me explain.

Of course you know that when you turn 18 you are now considered a legal adult and you are granted adult privileges-buying cigarettes, playing the lottery, getting a tattoo and sitting at bars to name some. Well last month I turned 18 and was very excited to get these privileges like most people are when they first acquire them then I realized- I don't want to buy cigarettes or get a tattoo and there isn't really a reason for me to sit at a bar either. pshhh! What can I do!? Now I suppose I could just forget about it until the time comes for me to have my moment but I did not want to wait.

You see, I don't look 18 and I wanted to test my new abilities for fun to see what people would do. Basically I wanted to get carded looking like an eleven year old just to be like HA! Yes you see I am 18. So I decided to try and buy a lottery ticket. So I mosey on up to the machine looking around to see if anyone even cares that this "girl" is doing something that you have to be a certain age to do. ID in hand I take my time deciding on a ticket still looking around to see if anybody cares. Then I select the cheapest one, still waiting. Then I get the ticket, and slowing walk out the door, still waiting (yeah, I am pretty dumb!). And let me tell you what, nobody cared!!!! I was rather bummed and decided to give up on my questionably 18 moment.

But, I finally got it yesterday! ah ha! victory! So here it is....

For a mini-vacation thing my family and I went to Fort Rapids, an indoor water park (which was very awesome by the way!) Well they have a hot tub that's only for guests 18 and older. (Don't jump the gun although I bet you do know what happens next...) My dad decided he wanted to go sit in it and thinking this was my chance I followed along. I walked by the "guard" but he didn't say a think. ok, I thought to myself. Maybe he won't even care. So I put my feet in and not a minute later I get a tap on my shoulder and I hear something. I turn around and It's the guard (score!) Since I didn't hear what he said I said what and he asked how old I was (score!) and I of course replied "18." Hes like "oh, sorry. You look so young" (yes yes yes score!) And there it was. I got my "questionably 18" moment I had been waiting for. At last.

So now that I got to tell you my story here's the pictures!!! So I think that maybe FFF might be some kind of group thing not something I just pull outta my butt. And although I am getting that idea I am not sure what to do now. Any suggestions??? I still want to do FFF so I guess I will go on my own way and see where it goes from there.

So FFF theme for today will be my Favorites from a spring photo shoot I did with my sister about three years ago (when I didn't think to take off the date stamp, lol.) I really do love these photos and am excited to put them up here so here ya go!
^This one happens to be one of my all time favorites. I love it!^
^I just love this one. I cropped it and added the words^

So there you go. Hope you enjoyed and I will try and post the q-shot tomorrow! Comment?? =]

Much Love,

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Favorite Season!

I have decided to participate in Spoiled Mommys Saturday Qshot.
This is how it works- She posts a question and on Saturday we answer it with a picture.
And that's it!
So here it goes, the question is Favorite Season (hence the title.)

Yeah, It would so be summer. Spring and Fall are pretty cool. And winter is pretty but just to cold for me!

Tanning, swimming, air conditioning, cool beverages that just hit the spot, the smell of freshly mowed grass or the way the sun makes my skin glimmer- i love it all. I am such a summer girl and i love it.

And by the way, the girl in the pictures, that's my sister. You will see her often she tends to show up as my model quite often because my brother is not much fan for pictures and shes the only one left. ;)

Well hope you enjoy, look for the next Qshot next Saturday!

Much Love,

Friday, April 3, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday!!!!

So as I was browsing blogs lookin for cool things to do, I happened across a lot of people participating in FFF or Favorite Foto Friday. I decided that was a perfect thing for me to do on my blog to. So here's the scoop- on the Friday's when I am able to I will pick a theme and post some of my favorite pictures that go with that theme. Sometimes the theme will be average and normal sometimes it will be pretty kooky, but hey that's what makes it fun. sounds pretty simple to me, and quite entertaining as well.

So here it goes today's theme is spring flowers. In my excitement for nice weather and the fact that I am now on spring break I find it perfect for my first FFF. =]

So here they are, a few of my favorite pictures of spring flowers that I have taken.

Now I know the next one isnt a flower persay, but its still beautiful!
Well I know this post isn't very long but I think I will post again tomorrow because I would like to participate in another blogging event- my blogging friend Spoiled Mommy is doing a saturday Qshot, so I am so going to do that!

"Please don't ever think your not good enough, because to someone, somewhere out there, you are."

Much Love,