Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pet Week!

Over at i♥faces they are still celebrating teens with a special pet photographer as the guest judge and so they made the theme for this week be pets! Thankfully they allow any type of animal picture because my dog is really not into getting her photo taken. I merely pick up the camera and she runs. Good thing I spotted this little guy the other day. He just let me do my thing. Granted he may have been slightly frozen in place due to the huge person pointing a big black thing at him but either way I got a good shot for this week:

Say hello to Mr. Toad! I found him on our back patio and bolted upstairs to my camera so I could get his picture before my dog scared him off. Thankfully the dog did not capture him but I did with my camera instead.

Well, I hope you like my entry! Comments are much appreciated and I will try and return the favor! Want to see other great entries? Check out i♥faces by clicking the logo at the beginning of this post!


PS: My blog is back under construction for another revamping- just on the layout and header though. Have you noticed a change? Yes indeed, the pictures and posts are bigger! Yay! Thanks to Tracy from The Journey (visit her HERE) for helping me make that happen! But my old layout did not look good with the new sizes of my posts so I found a new one but now need to redo my header and everything. So bear with me- I hope to have it done soon! But what do you think??


  1. YAY!!! Just in time for the handsome frog-prince. :-)

  2. Hmm, if I was looking for a prince charming, I might take a chance... :)

  3. cute toad - with 3 boys, i see a lot of his relatives:)

  4. Love the matching header!! Someday I'll have to get YOU to teach ME how to do that. :-)