Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Part Two: Thats Ugly!

Later that night, Whittney (one of my best friends, in case you didn't know) came over so we could exchange gifts. Whittney is a very hard person to shop for because she won't give you any clue as to what she wants and if she says she wants something she tends to get it sooner rather than later so buying her something that she won't buy before Christmas is hard.

But there is always one thing that I know exactly what to get for her, and the UGLIER, the better. We have our own tradition: we buy each other ugly purses for Christmas and birthdays.

It certainly saves on gift wrap because you can stick everything in it, they aren't hard to find (I mean seriously you think manufacturers could make nicer looking purses), and its always something I can get her.

The tradition started two Christmas' ago when she and her mom bought this gift pack that came with an ugly cheetah purse. I was there when they got it and we joked about it. A few days later, I got it as a Christmas gift. We laughed and joked about it again and an idea formed in my head. Since I felt bad for having such a ravishing purse, I went out and bought her one for her birthday which happens to be a couple weeks later. It was hideous. Then for my birthday she went out and found an even uglier one...and so the tradition goes. We have now dubbed it our special tradition and two times a year we trek out looking for the most ugly purse we can find.

I can't imagine someone hearing us talk about it and not having a clue...

"OMG the purse you got me is so ugly!!!"
"I know I spent forever looking for the perfect one!!"

"I have to find her the most ugly purse for Christmas..."

"Is this ugly enough??? Or is this one more ugly???"

haha. And the looks we get from the cashiers.......

We figure by the time we are eighty we will have to have our own special closets for our collection of ugly purses, ;)

Here is the first ugly purse to start things off:

The second:
Oh, and we now have a tendency to put goofy socks in the purses to. I can see a may end up part of the tradition:
And here is this years, ain't it ugly!!!
And here we are, ugly purses in hand with the rest of our gifts neatly inside, well except I am wearing the most awesome hoodie that she got me:

Keep a lookout for the final Christmas post, which I should have up in the next couple days!



  1. Those are so funny!!! And I LOVE how you can just put everything right in them... so smart!!! You are such a doll sweet Dea... so creative and unique!


  2. haha wow them are some ugly purses lol