Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catching up on my ZZzzz's

Its iheartfaces time again and this weeks theme is Sweet Dreams! I have so many photos to chose from for this weeks theme, the girls look so cute when they sleep and I frequently finding myself snapping a picture when they slip into their peaceful slumber (maybe to make into a collage for their graduation parties?! I think so =]). I have many sweetly sleeping photos of them but since those types of photos seem to be the norm I decided to veer a little and differ my entry. I went for the funny side of this theme because the girls can fall asleep so easy- which is a trait they get honestly from their mother who I have seen fall asleep texting (which is the photo I wanted to enter but I think my life may come to a quicker end had I done so, lol.) and I have also been talking to her when she fell asleep mid sentence. So I decided to enter this picture : Taylor was so tired she fell asleep eating her cheeseburger, just like that. We were on our way back from shopping when we picked up some lunch. A little while later I looked over to see Taylor sleeping, with her arm resting on the window and her cheeseburger still in her hand.

Ah, to be able to fall asleep so easily. It has never been that easy for me and even more so since I have three finals tomorrow (UGH!)

By the way, the finals are also the reason why blogging has slipped on my priority list, but no worries finals are almost over and I will have a big break with lots of free time which means I do plan to blog more!!!

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  1. Too funny!!!
    So cool you caught that moment! :)

  2. Are you enjoying school? Finals can sure be stressful... but I am sure you are doing well!

    Be blessed!

  3. I LOVE that entry! I'm the one that can fall asleep at any moment in our family, and no one takes pictures of it. This one is hilarious!

  4. hehehehe! falling asleep while eating a cheeseburger! That's just precious!

    Good luck with the finals!

  5. Seriously, this is TOO funny. How hilarious : ) Don't you wish we could still do that? They just go and go and go and then when they are tired, ZONK out : ) So cute : )

  6. LOL! My kids totally do this too! You have to wonder how they can be comfortable doing stuff like this!

  7. Thanks for your comment!! This is a GREAT picture!!! I wish I could fall asleep that easily!!!