Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Part One: With the girls.

I have so many pictures to share with you all from all the Christmas festivities I decided to break the posts up some and spread the love, joy, and pictures out so that they last longer... instead of cramming them all into one post so that the excitement is only temporary. lol. Cheesy, I know, but hey it leaves each festivity to its own special post instead of being lost in the whirlwind of everything together.

The first group of pictures I will share is the Christmas I had with the girls. They came over on the 23rd, which is also Taylors birthday. This is where I will let the pictures tell the story....
The tree was ready, gifts underneath for family and friends. (Santa gifts don't show up until Christmas of course) the stockings were hung...
...including the one that Mikayla decided to hang up for herself ;)

The first gift to be opened was Taylors birthday gift. She was so excited!! I got her one of those cupcake makers that she wanted!

and now comes the Christmas gifts. As you can see, Mikayla was so excited! She opened her gifts so quickly because she just couldn't wait to see what was inside
Taylor, on the other hand, took her time and savored the moment.
I love how excited she got when she was opening this one, what was it?
A tie blanket I made her! They both had asked for one. Mikaylas had ponies on the other side
and Taylors looked like this.
They quickly became surrounded with gifts, with no more left to open. Now it was time to enjoy what they got!
Mikayla immediately went to put on her new pajamas and loved them! They look so adorable on her!
I love her pajamas to, its unfortunate they didn't come in my size! Lol.
Somehow, I did not manage to get a picture of the both of them in their new pajamas, but I noticed this in another picture so I cropped it and Wha-la! There they both are in the pajamas!
Before Taylor put on her pajamas, she decided to get right to work on the crafty thing I got for them. They were cute little magnets you could paint.
While Jodi was here, I let her open one of her presents early (she was coming back the next day so I was saving the others for then) and I am pretty sure she liked it!
Then of course I had to get a picture with the birthday girl.....
and then one with the both of them- which I completely adore this picture! They both look so happy...I love them so much!!!

And that ends this post...but watch for the next one that I plan to post as soon as I get the pictures ready!!!



  1. okay so explain that to me... how did you crop her into that photo? It looks so real.. Wow you are incredibly talented if you did that! I have a hard time doing that! LOL What great shots. The girls look so happy... and spoiled... but happy! :D

  2. These are so adorable! The last one is just priceless :)