Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thats just too funny!

The I♥faces theme for this week is hilarious outtakes and its extra special because we can enter up to five photos this week! I was able to dig out four to share with you and here they are:

This is my cousin Brooke. We were taking really cool pictures with the big lollipop. She turned to the side so we could try another idea and right when I snapped the picture she sneezed or something, I am not really sure but we laughed about it for hours!!

With the next three photos you may see a common theme, yes they are all of the girls and yes in all of them Mikayla is the one with the crazy expression. I think she is the queen of making goofy faces right as I take a picture. And usually, she doesn't even mean to she just does because she is mad or pouting or something, lol.

She did not want to get her picture taken when I took this picture- notice angry goofy face.

She was whining that her arm felt funny in this picture: notice whiny goofy face.

As for this one I am not really sure what to say except it cracks me up every time I see it. Her facial expression and the way the flash made her eyes look, how can you not laugh?

Those are just a few of Mikayla at her finest..poor Taylor looks so cute and normal in everyone of them but we had to take more because of Mikaylas goofy faces! But they are still wonderful photos to have to look back on for the memories and the laughs!

I hope you enjoyed looking and got a laugh while you were here! Thanks for visiting and do not forget to go and check out the other hilarious outtakes over at i♥faces!



  1. Haha these are too funny...that last photo made me laugh outloud!! Great Photos!

  2. They are very funny pictures. Still laughing about the lollipop one. Holy Cannoli so pretty : )

  3. They're all cute, but that first one is hysterical.1