Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Part Three: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve day started out pretty normal, we all just kinda hung around- baked, cleaned and just enjoyed the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas activities started by Jodi coming over. I gave her the rest of her gifts which I hope she loved! I didn't get any pictures of her opening them that night nor one of us together (although she promised me one at a later date, because she said she didn't like her hair that night lol) but I can show you what one the gifts looked like, it was a picture frame with three openings and the pictures in it were these:

How cool is that!! I am pretty certain she loved it, or at least I hope she did! I was so proud of myself for pulling it off without her knowledge ;)

After that, Jodi curled my hair for church then we said our goodbyes. My family and I then went to church and enjoyed a really cool candle lit service. It was really pretty, except for when the hot wax went through the wax catcher and burnt my hand, that wasn't so cool, lol.

After church we returned home and exchanged gifts from each other. We do that every Christmas eve and its so hard to wait until after church because we are just ready to open something!

My brother and I picked some cool things out for Dana, but she really loved the bracelet we got her!

I tricked my brother: he wrote no clothes on his Christmas list so I taped the gift card to the box lid and put clothes in the box. He was appalled- Are you kidding me??? He said.
But then he got a good laugh when he finally found the gift card, after putting the lid back on, mind you ;)

Then it was time to go to bed so "Santa" could come....
Our tree Christmas morning.
Us in front of the tree Christmas morning, even the dog got in on it.
Dana got very excited about her new chair!!!
Denae loves to open gifts, even more so when they are treats for her!
Tony got what he wanted!
My mom opening one of her gifts!
haha, look at her face. Got to love an excited kid on Christmas!
My dad very excited about his new...jeans? lol.
My mom got a beautiful ring from my dad, and I zoomed up on it with my new camera lens!!! ;)
This Christmas was certainly filled to the brim with wonderful activities, happiness and love..and the gifts were a plus to. I really had a great holiday and I hope you did as well!


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  1. Looks like you all had a great time together! My favorite pics are of your parents!!!