Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This ones for Amanda!

Who is Amanda might you ask?? Well...I think you should know.. but some of you unlucky (and more than likely hungry) souls may not have come across her blog yet, so I will fill you in. Amanda is one of my amazing blog friends who has a crazy TALENT for making delicious goodies like this and this. And that's not at all even close what she can do!! I mean look at these and these and look at these! Isn't she simply amazing!!! But there is a bad side to the talent she has....she makes it look easy...and she makes you think you can do it to!

And I, being a creative individual who is up for any sort of creative task - fell into the trap. I thought I could be an expert cookie maker to. And to tell you what you may have already figured out, I was wrong. I cannot make stunning cookies like Amanda.

But I tried. And will probably continue to try thinking that maybe one of these days I will get it. I mean it is fun after all. I am just not very good at it and that's why I took so long to post the results of my tries..didn't want to embarrass my self. But then I came to the conclusion that maybe it will make you laugh and maybe it will make another untalented cookie maker like myself feel better about the fact that they also cannot make pretty cookies. Anyways here are the first try was in July (I told you it was awhile ago lol) and the second try was in October (for a Halloween party, they liked them)

My first attempt at Amanda's Amazing cookies: When I realized that I shouldn't automatically think I can do something-
I skipped the pictures of making the dough, o well you get the point. But here are the cookies ready to go into the oven!
Then they were done, so I outlined them...which took forever!!!! My hand hurt so bad!!!
Then I filled them in which was not to bad. They looked eh, sorta OK at this point.

Haha. My first attempts at decorating them. Could you tell this was supposed to say Mom??? I think I made the frosting too runny...nope I am sure I made the frosting too runny..
But I tried again the next day and did a little better. I mean you can actually read them this time!
And of course I made some for my best friends and my favorite kids.
The girls helped me decorate..Taylor made this one for her dad...and did better than I did with writing it on there!
Although the whole decorating of the cookies did not turn out how I wanted it to, Jodi and the girls still enjoyed eating their special cookies ;)

My cookie attempt number two: A little bit better I suppose-
The girls helped me make the dough this time..of course Mikayla was in her unicorn costume..I told you she wore it around every chance she got.
They greatly enjoyed liking the dough off the utensils.
The end product, because I forgot to take pictures during the other steps. Not near as good as Amanda's but not near as bad as...well, I don't know...
Well at least Randi seemed excited about the ones I made for her boys... ;)
And there ya go. That's my experience with Amanda's amazing cookies. I plan to give it another go eventually but right now I am making a rainbow cake.....
can you guess who I got that idea from? And can you guess how its turning out...yeah pretty sure you guessed right on that one. lol.
Want to visit Amanda? Click HERE. And don't forget to leave her a nice comment =]


  1. Dea... those cookies look amazing!!! You rocked it Dea style!!! I love how you get friends and family together and are so generous with your joy!!!

    This is such a blessing to me to read this. Thank you for thinking of me...thank you for believing in me! Thank you for being one of the sweetest, most kindest, most beautiful people I have met through blogging.

    Thank you for taking the time to post this!

    I really am humbled by your kindness sweet girl!

    Be blessed-

  2. So cute!!! Oh and I love your new blog layout :) Just adorable!

  3. Those are super cute, Dea! I love to try to make cute cookies too, but I always end up covering them with sprinkles. :-) You're off to an awesome start. Love this new layout and all the GORGEOUS pictures of Taylor!

  4. too funny! I love baking... but hate decorating cookies... and love eating them... and hate cleaning up after them... :D

    The cookies turned out great! ANd I can't write with frosting... I refuse so I think you did a great job!

  5. How I missed this post I have no clue! LOL! I am dying over here. I am too much. And NOW we see where Landon gets it!!