Monday, August 24, 2009

Who forgets the bread?

When you think of making a sandwich, the first ingredient you think of is the bread, correct? So who packs a sandwich, remembering the meat and even the condiments, but forgets the bread? That would be my best friend. Shes not normal. But then again, neither am I, and that's why we get along so well.

But that's not the point of this post here, I just wanted to tell you because I thought it was funny that she forgot the bread for her sandwich. I also wanted to document it so I can remember that and laugh about it for years to come. The point here is my computer is back! Its still on the mend but its working, its back in my room, and I can now post pictures. WHOOOOHOOO! So happy about that. I still got work to do in making it back to normal though, mostly figuring out what my screen resolution was because things still aren't looking normal in that area. Other than that a few more tweaks and I should be just about where I was a week ago.

So whats been happening since I've been gone? I'll show you:I got to watch my cousin Claire. Her and my sister are really close and play together all day. Its so funny because I will be sitting in my room and you can here the two of them singing across the hall. The bond they have is awesome and its so nice when they get to hang out with each other.

Of course I've gotten to hang out with my two favorite girls. Mikayla asked me the other day "Dea? Uhm, can't you just be my sister to?" =]

In my down time without my computer i wanted to practice my photography. I did not get much of a chance though due to my sister not wanting to let me practice with her. I did get the opportunity with the girls though. They both let me take a couple pictures of them by the window, which is what I wanted because I wanted to try and create the dramatic look with natural light and turn them to black and white. I need some more practice but this is what I got:
I used the holga-ish action on this one. I think it overdid it a little but it still turned out alright.I just used regular black and white action with vingette border on this one. I think I like the way it worked on this one better, its not overdone.
It was funny because my sister did get mad at me for taking pictures, so I asked Taylor if it was making her mad to. Her answer? "Nah, I'm used to it now" Think I take a lot of pictures of them? I think its obvious in her answer ;)
Well, I most certainly am excited to be up and running again and I have plenty more pictures to show you but for now its off to bed for me. Hope you have a great day tomorrow, and don't forget the bread ;)



  1. Yeah for your computer!

    Also the natural light shots are great! I love these shots and they look so dramatic in black and white!

  2. Welcome back to the blog world :D

    I love those black and white shots!

  3. I REALLY like those pictures Dea... the last two are so neat.. the effect is fun and charming!!

    GLAD you have your computer back!!


  4. all the pictures are fantastic, colord and black and white! you are good! hope your computer's totally on the mend! you are the third one i'm reading about crashing or bugs or something! so scary!