Friday, August 7, 2009

Boredom in its highest degree

That would be my slogan these last couple days, as well as today. Tends to happen when everyone you know has something to do, and you don't. And it sucks, I hate being bored. I love to live every moment of my summer, and I tend to get restless and anxious when I don't have anything to do. I am sure your thinking that I could find something to do, and your right. I could find something to do by myself, but its not the same and not as fun as hanging out with your friends!

But my boredom has given me time to blog (yay!) and since I really don't have any good stories or anything to tell that means picture sharing time! (even bigger yay!) So here are a few I'd like to share that Ive taken recently that I really like....
After I got these pictures prepped to blog yesterday, I got lucky and found a couple friends who weren't busy- lucky me! We were able to hang out and I was relieved of my boredom for a few hours! Gotta love them goofy kids you call your best friends!

Kelley, Me, and Whittney!Now I am wondering if I can get so lucky to find a couple more bored souls today??? Its unfortunate to say but I doubt it. Kelley and Whittney are both working. Brittany and Jodi are three plus hours away. And anyone else I can think of? Well they are busy to. I guess I will have to suck it up until tomorrow when Whittney is off work and Jodi returns. Oh man I can't wait, I will finally be able to hang out with my friends and have fun again!



  1. The photos you took of the flowers and the sunset are very pretty. Great job! Sorry about the boredom. That doesn't happen to me anymore with three kids.. I would like to get back to those days though. Think of it as time to reflect.

  2. Yeah....great pics! I was thinking if you want to come to CO, my three kids could keep you from getting bored, lol!! :)

  3. hi dea, i have a husband, 2 young boya a full-time job and countless other things in between to do in between, but i still get bored, too! so, welcome to the club, took lovely pictures!

  4. Hey AlDe :) lol. sorry couldn't help myself i still think its a sweet nickname. hey alice i love that sunset picture but i think i've figured out your secret to the whole timing thing... you just "know". :) yup classes haven't even started yet and i'm already getting smarter. ;) Boredom sucks I miss you guys so much well if worst comes to worst you can always go to petland or petzone and play with the animals they'd love that! they get bored and lonely too.

  5. These first three are so beautiful! Photography is a great way to pass time...but too much can be overkill... Good luck finding fun things to do for the last month of freedom :)

  6. So I heard once that the only people that get bored are boring people.


    Since I have been bored more then once in my life I took high offense to that! lol

    Your pictures of you and your friends are so cute... I just love to see how your growing into such an amazing photographer!!! You should be doing it for a living!

    Blessings sweet girl!

  7. Somehow I missed this post! Those flowers turned out great! I love the one captured with the bee. Are you liking your Nikon?

    I used a Sigma 17-70mm f2.8 lens for my shoot and a Nikkor 80-135mm f3.5 (I think that is what it was) lens. I mostly used the Sigma on the 1st day and the 2nd day I used the Nikkor telephoto lens. I loved how the colors turned. I changed some custom settings on my camera to get those colors so vivid but I just loved that I did!

    Great job on your photos! What kind of lenses do you have? If you find a good telephoto lens you are happy with let me know. I want to get a 200mm or a 300mm in the next couple of months.

  8. Beautiful. I like the first three. Well done.