Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Technical Difficulties.

So, my personal computer isn't working correctly. And it's all my colleges fault (see, they are trying to ruin my life! lol.) What happened is this: My college recommended a virus protection that they give all students for free. I say, what the heck? its free, the college wants us to use it, and I don't have virus software..lets go for it!

Who knew my computer was better protected without this antivirus software? not me, but I do now! The antivirus software totally crashed my computer. As soon as I would log in, it would shut down. After trying to unsuccessfully remove the faulty software in safe mode, my dad decided we will have to restore the computer back to factory settings - which means erasing everything on it and basically starting all over. Luckily, the computer has a backup program we were able to access, backing up all my stuff with the price of 30 (yes, 30!) Cd's or 5 DVDs. So I took the DVD route and Five hours to back up all my stuff.

Now, its restoring everything and I am guessing its going to take another five or so hours given its been going for 45 minutes and is at..ah...two percent. =[ After that, I just have to hope to God I can get my computer back to the way it was before I decided to follow the colleges advice.

Case in point: I just wanted to let you know why I haven't posted (including missing IheartFaces this week, insert sad face here) and why this post will contain no pictures.

I hope very soon to be back on my own computer, instead of the ancient family computer, and to be able to blog like normal again. I hope that I will have all my pictures back and that everything will be back to normal.

But for now I have nothing else to say, I need to go see how my computer restoration is coming...

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  1. Oh that is so sad! I would be so mad at my school if that happened :( Good luck saving all your files!

    p.s. I recommend that you get an external hard drive when you can. Super useful!

  2. If you want a "good" AND FREE!!!! YES FREE!!! antivirus protection program use AVG. It is what I use for my business, and my personal computer. My brother in law is a software engineer and he uses the same thing and highly recommends it. I have had no problems what so ever. He says stay away from Norton antivirus.

    Best of luck to you girlie! My laptop crashed 6 months ago and is unfixable so I had to retrieve all my data (pics, music etc) the same way. But mine was a hardware issue and was going to cost too much money to fix so we decided to just get a new one. Sounds like your daddy knows what to do and is all over getting your computer fixed! I am sure he will have you up and running in the next couple of days.... and I think you should take out a lawsuit on your college...maybe they will give you a full-ride scholorship... LOL!!! Get a good lawer! J/K!!!

  3. Im so sorry girl!!! That is a BUMMER!! SO what college are you going to?? What are you majoring in? Photography???


  4. sorry about that..hope you get it all fixed!

  5. hello, dea! please grab the Cupcake award from my sidebar! hugs!