Saturday, August 29, 2009

Imagination is key.

The new fun thing to do when the girls come over is play dress up. The two of them and my sister get all into it, creating cute lil outfits with scarves and whatever we have in our dress up drawer. Then they pretend they are princesses, ghosts, witches, or that they are in a wedding. Its very fun for me to watch and see what they come up with. A child's imagination is so amazing, I wish I still had the ability to think outside the box like kids do. But since I am "too old" for stuff like that, I enjoy their imagination by taking pictures of the things they come up with. Most of them were taken inside with flash so they aren't the greatest pictures but none the less they are great pictures to have and will be wonderful to look back on.Old lady?
Super hero?
beauty queen? The only picture i got of her before she told me to stop, lol. I really just love this one! How cute is she? =]and this one. what a cute witch she makes!The bride.She was just posing for pictures.All three!

Sorry I don't have to much more to tell you guys right now, but there is a special post coming up- its my best friends birthday here soon! Stay tuned ;)



  1. I can't remember the last time I played dress up. The girls like to pretend and would probably play dress up more if I got them more things to use. I do remember doing that as a child though. What fun it is to have an imagination.

  2. What a beautiful group of girls!!! I love how the Lord has given you such a joy in this life Dea... and how you just attract joy and peace and happiness and laughter to you!!!

    MAN I wish I lived by you!! I would pay you zillions of dollars to be my nanny and my kids best friend and generally my all time favorite person. :)

    Love to you-

  3. look at those cute little girls! There mom must never have to take pictures of them because you do it for her! Can you come take pictures of my kids for me! :D

  4. Hi Dea! Lots of gorgeous photos here as always! You've got lots of jealous moms here. ;-)