Friday, June 19, 2009

Their mistake, our luck.

In the mix of graduation festivities I forgot to fill ya'll in on what happened with the whole phone deal. (Didn't read the story? Catch up by clicking HERE)

So after two days of taking my moms phone around with me in order to have contact as I was grad party hopping, we made our way to the Verizon store to see what they could do about what happened.

Now before I tell you that part, I better tell you this- When we set up our account for the first time we told them to put insurance on my phone and my mom decided to opt out of it. Simple, right? Put it on mine, leave if off on my moms. Well about ohhh, six months after having the phone I was helping move stuff for a yard sale when it fell out of my pocket, it landed on a rock, and bam! cracked front screen that no longer worked. We brought it in, they told us that I did not have insurance on my phone. They put it on my moms instead! Lucky for my mom, if you venture to say, a week later her phone stopped working and she got all the perks of the insurance I should've had. So I dealt with the cracked screen, no biggie, until the day it was stolen and we realized this could've been quickly fixed given they had put the insurance on the right phone.

But back to the part where we went to Verizon two days after the whole lost/stolen incident: We go there and explain, and ask what our options are. The lady says "Well, since your the primary line, you were actually up for an upgrade back in January" WHAT?! My moms phone is supposed to be the primary line, and my mom was not to happy to hear otherwise. But we quickly realized this could work to our advantage: It meant that I could get a new phone, at the cheap new contract price.

So I introduce to you, my new cell phone: The chocolate 3. (I actually tried to get two other models first, but they did not have them in stock, but I am actually very glad this is the one I got, I am quite pleased with it.)

I love the powder blue color! So bright and pretty, and I just love blue!
I use word to text so I really like the keypad on this phone. And the huge screen and front screen are a plus!
They also gave me a silicone cover, which for now I have decided to use. I want it to look nice for awhile and the cover does a good job keeping it that way!

So that's how the story goes. Well my mom did try to switch the primary line back to hers but to avoid confusion, it happens to still be mine. O well, ;)

Usually when companies make mistakes like these it's not a good thing, but this time it worked out just as we needed it to. Thank God for the business people who reallly don't listen to what you say.



  1. It's always nice to get a new phone for cheaper. Silly Verizon, are they ever going to get it right?? Your new phone is super cute, makes me what a new one too!!

  2. Wuh hoo!! I try to remember moments like this when I encounter a situation that does not turn out so great. Yea for you!

    P. S. My hubby works for Sprint, so I'm glad it was Verizon this time.

  3. So jelous of that new phone! Wow that is stylin! I really do like that powder blue. I woud usually go for pink... but that phone color is awesome!

    I have that I am pregnant on my profile but I haven't talked about it a whole lot. It is actually kind of a private thing because I am carrying for some friends of mine. They are a very private couple so I try to be as reserved about it as I can. But it has been such an amazing experience. I actually wouldn't mind doing it a gain for another family. I have met so many friends and family members who can't have kids on there own and it breaks my heart.

    I just felt God led me to do this for them. Anyways what are your plans now that you are graduated? College? Job?

  4. that is my exact phone!!

    i love it.