Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The themes over at IheartFaces this week is birthday and pets. Well I don't have a good picture for birthday but I do believe I have the perfect one for pets.

They said it could be any animal so I chose this, which happens to be one of my favorite pictures of all time-
I really hope you all like this one, I know I sure do. I love it so much I have not edited it in any way. I just don't feel that it really needs it. But let me know what you think, feedback in anyway can always help!

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  1. beautiful! Love the colors :)

  2. That is so nice. That is the first butterfly I have seen. They are hard to photograph. Good job

  3. That is awesome!! I really like how clear it is. How did you get it to just sit there?

  4. Yeah i want to know the same thing! How did you get it to sit there? I heard a secret that some people will freeze butterflies and then place them on a flower so then they can't fly because there wings are wet. I am sure you didn't do that!

    I can't believe that is unedited! That looks like a picture from a magazine! GREAT SHOT! One of my favorites!

  5. I agree - this is one of my faves too. Gorgeous image; great job!

  6. that picture is AMAZING!!!! unedited it PERFECT

  7. I just found you through the blog award lol. I think this is just an amazing picture and unedited? WOW!