Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can you hear me now? Cedar Point part One.

Yesterday was our Senior Trip and we picked to go to Cedar Point - Americas Roller Coast! Where else? ;)

We loaded the bus at about 7:45 and got there uhhhm round 9 or 10.
Me and Melinda sat together
Rochelle, Katie, Jamie, and Brittany were behind us.

We got there and boy was I in heaven- All my best friends and roller coasters - can't get better than that.

The lines were not to bad so we immediately hopped in one and got our first thrill of the day. We moved on from coaster to coaster and even though I have rode them all before let me tell ya they never get old. We were even able to convince Jodi to ride three of them (shes not a roller coaster person, more on that in the next post.)
Then we finally made it to my favorite ride- The Millennium force. I love this coaster. I was so excited. Now throughout the whole day I was worried about my phone falling out on one of the rides. I did not wear pants with good pockets and had the feeling all day that I was not going to end up bringing this phone back with me. But I am a worrier and that I know so I just took the extra precautions on all the rides so that this feeling would not go any further.
But it was different this time.
I decided that on this coaster it goes so fast and I was so excited I did not think my pockets would be able to hold my phone well at all, so I asked Brittany if she could put it in her much better, jeans pockets. We get on the ride and have one heck of a fun ride and then get off. As I am going down the exit I see that Brittany has stopped and is looking around...oh no... I turned to the person next to me and I say "I betcha my phone did not make it" now I had no idea and I just thought on that feeling... and it turned into truth.
My phone did not survive the Millennium Force. I wish I could tell you thats all of this story but there is more...
I called my mom from a friends phone soon after to tell her what happened. Like any mother would be, she was not happy. But she told me to call her again in an hour if we could not find it and she will report it lost. I called her back in an hour and the conversation went something like this...
Me: "Hi mom" Mom: "So you found your phone" Me: "No, I am calling from Brittany's phone" Mom: "Well you must of found it cause you have been texting me" Me: "Nooo mom I have not found it" Mom: "Well someones been texting me"
.....and so it goes. Someone found it. My mom texted me asking if I had found it. They answered No. Mom, thinking it was me, asked where I found it. They answered in the bushes. My mom tried to call, they turned it off and it went straight to voicemail.
So my phone was found, but I still do not have it. They never turned it in. I went to the lost and found and filed a report and as of this morning they still do not have my phone. But someone does.
Its crazy because I do not even know where they would have found it. The only bushes around that ride that are not fenced off are back off the main way and blocked by vendors. Are these people like random bush checkers? I think that they would have had to see it fall, otherwise I cannot think of how they would have found it. And then the fact that my phone is not even worth keeping, really. The front screen is broken and its scratched and cracked and its not even a good model phone. Its not like the iphone or even close for that matter. So why would you not turn it in? And then if you were going to be a smart thief, why text my mom? And as a person taking a phone ya gotta know that the owner is going to shut off the service. So why not turn it in? Its beyond me really. I have priceless pictures on there and even worse I have a friend who I am now never going to be able to get in contact with because I now do not have her number. The circumstances with her make it hard to begin with now I do not have any idea how I am going to find her.
My mom thinks a kid may have found it. A kid that knows how to text and that would hide it from their parents so they would not have to give it back. Otherwise, I have no logic that would make sense. What do you think?
But all-in-all this trip was amazing. I had so much fun with my friends riding roller coasters.
And the answer to the title? No, I can't hear you now, but I am hoping that soon this situation will turn good and that I will be able to hear you now.
And as for the trip- its certainly one I'll never forget.
Tune in for part two- the one part of the story I haven't told yet!



  1. That sucks that you lost your phone! I would guess some immature teenagers found it and had some fun with it before throwing it in a garbage can or a bush or something... but who knows maybe it will turn up!

  2. That stinks!!! But, if it's any comfort to you, your story did entertain me!! ;)

  3. I just wish that people would be honest these days. I can't get over the fact that there are so many people that are so selfish and won't give something back that is not theirs. Okay I will get off of my soap box now. I am glad you had fun on the coasters, I love them too. Makes me feel like a kid again. Hope you get a new phone soon!!

  4. I love roller coasters! Although spins and twists make me nautious--so the newer coasters are often more than I can take. I just want some major ups and downs.

    Bummer about your phone! Sounds like its days were numbered, but you lost some precious things.

  5. I love your roller coaster picture. Sorry you lost your phone though =(

  6. Ooohhhh...way to keep me coming back for more... can't wait for Part 2!

    God bless-

    And great pics BTW!