Monday, June 29, 2009

So much excitement,

in such a small amount of time! And the only part I've gotten to share is about my camera! But I now have the time to fill you in on what all was going on for me last week!
These are the major(ish) things that happened:
-My mom and sister returned, bringing back my cousins who stayed with us the entire week!
-Jodi and the girls returned bringing good ideas and fun things for us all to do
-The weather spiked up and we got to turn the a/c on, and Me and my three (1 sister, 2 cousins) and Jodi and her two got to pack it up and go to the pool for the day.
-My D60 came!
-My family, friends and I got to work on decorating the place my party was at, which included all my pictures, which is a two day job in itself ;)
-My parents, aunt, and uncle got to work on getting all the food together.
-My neighbor took care of the cake arrangements.
-My mom got me balloons, including at big 2009, which was awesome!
-Then my party happened: which was completely amazing and went better than I ever expected!
-Then yesterday my cousins left =[ which was very sad. They live far away and I just miss em so much!
-But then my sad mind was distracted, Jodi and I went shopping and we had a blast! And she hates shopping just so you know. And ya know what else? I got to hear a fire alarm go off in wal-mart! Have any of you ever been around to hear them test the alarm? Ha ha, I feel special ;)

And that is the summary of the big(ish) things that happened during this last week. There was also lots of little things going on, but I will not bore you with those details, because now i am getting to what you really came for- The pictures!
These cute kiddos are my cousins and my sister. I took them to the park. (This is the only picture in this post that was not taken with my new camera.)Meet Brooke, the older of the two. Shes such an amazing kid, so grown up and to smart for her own good. Shes a natural leader and is always there for you no matter what you need.
Meet Jessica, the younger of the two. This kid is quite amazing herself. Shes got quite the silly side and can always put a smile on my face. Shes got a kind heart and always knows how to make you feel better about yourself.

They are amazing, and they are my cousins. I miss them so much I quite frankly can't even stand it.
Party Time!

Me with my wonderful cake!
Me with Marcia, my cousin, and her daughter Claire, my second cousin.
Me and the girls! Taylor then Mikayla!
Me and my four closest friends!
My new favorite picture ever- Me and my three best friends. I have never had a picture of us all together! I love these three so much and I do not know what I would do without them!
Right before my cousins left: had to get one last picture together.

Well there ya go, the reason why I have not posted sooner. I hope it was worth your wait with all the pictures I put up here!



  1. Congrats Dea!!!! You and your friends are just beautiful..what a lovely picture!! And your new camera is AWESOME!!! COngrats!

    God bless-

  2. im so happy for you!!
    love that you gotyour new camera, ugh-cant help ya with it though because i am a CANON girl! ;)
    cant wait to see your pictures girlie!!

  3. You should be so proud of yourself! It looks like you had a great time with the fam-and, wow, look at that cake! Yum!

  4. hey look at us lol we rock and we know it lol so um ya that cake was good lol.and ya i do like that pic of all 3 of us

  5. so glad you loved your party!!

  6. How fun! I love some of your new photos!

    I can't wait to see more of your pictures! Start posting girlie! :D