Sunday, April 26, 2009


wow. prom was amazing this year. I can even begin to describe the fun in words and I know that you didn't come here to read about it anyway so I will just use pictures. The descriptions will be underneath, so enjoy and comment! This is Me with Randi, my wonderful neighbor. She took all the beautiful pictures of us before prom. She did such a wonderful job and I am so glad to have her as my friend/neighbor/role model/photographer buddy! (PS, you can find her over at
This would be me.
This would be Jodi, my twin =] We are so much alike its crazy really.This is me with Gavin and Landon, Randi's boys. Aren't they adorable?
Us again.
My family and I.
One of my best friends, Kelley, and me.
My best friends! In order shortest to tallest- Me,Kelley,Lizzy,Brittany.
One of my favorites, where did my legs go?
Another favorite. Well actually all the ones on here are my favorites lol
My best friend Brittany and I, shes the best!
My group, Kelley,Me,Brittany,Courtney,Lizzy
We spotted some boys! lol.
Actually at prom, waiting on the food.
All my best friends! From top to bottom: Jamie,Brittany,Me,Lizzy,Rochelle,Katie,Courtney.
Jamie and I!
Whittney and I
Melinda and I, Her mom handbeaded that dress, isnt that amazing!
Jodi and I again, Love this girl!
Katie and I! aww!
Mirror shot, shes so much taller!
And then, after prom we had to stop at wall mart cause that's the cool thing to do!
Well anyways that is a picture summary of my Senior prom! Well some pictures anyways, I have so many more but I had to limit it down to my favorites (which you see I had a hard time doing anyways lol) Hope you like them and please comment!


  1. PROM (those were the days!)
    - You looked stunning!
    - Looks like you all had a great time!

  2. It looks like you had a great time at prom. I wish I could remember more about mine. Thanks for checking out my blog. I will follow you because you sound fun and I am getting older so I think maybe you can make me feel young at heart. Plus you like photography and so do I so we have something in common. Feel free to follow me if want. I look forward to some funny stories.

  3. um i think we need to go get pics lol

  4. wow do you see that girl in that camo dress hot!!! lol jk so i thought i would leaveyou some comments now that i know how lol