Friday, April 3, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday!!!!

So as I was browsing blogs lookin for cool things to do, I happened across a lot of people participating in FFF or Favorite Foto Friday. I decided that was a perfect thing for me to do on my blog to. So here's the scoop- on the Friday's when I am able to I will pick a theme and post some of my favorite pictures that go with that theme. Sometimes the theme will be average and normal sometimes it will be pretty kooky, but hey that's what makes it fun. sounds pretty simple to me, and quite entertaining as well.

So here it goes today's theme is spring flowers. In my excitement for nice weather and the fact that I am now on spring break I find it perfect for my first FFF. =]

So here they are, a few of my favorite pictures of spring flowers that I have taken.

Now I know the next one isnt a flower persay, but its still beautiful!
Well I know this post isn't very long but I think I will post again tomorrow because I would like to participate in another blogging event- my blogging friend Spoiled Mommy is doing a saturday Qshot, so I am so going to do that!

"Please don't ever think your not good enough, because to someone, somewhere out there, you are."

Much Love,


  1. Thank you for the comment! I love it when random people comment. I take great pride in my blog, haha. And I took that picture that's the header thing, so thanks for that too.

    I like your blog too, and I LOVE the pictures. My favorite is definitely the second one.


  2. Oh wow-beautiful!!!
    I love the 2 & 3 photo the best...what a great job!
    Thanks for the mention too girlie!!