Saturday, April 4, 2009

Favorite Season!

I have decided to participate in Spoiled Mommys Saturday Qshot.
This is how it works- She posts a question and on Saturday we answer it with a picture.
And that's it!
So here it goes, the question is Favorite Season (hence the title.)

Yeah, It would so be summer. Spring and Fall are pretty cool. And winter is pretty but just to cold for me!

Tanning, swimming, air conditioning, cool beverages that just hit the spot, the smell of freshly mowed grass or the way the sun makes my skin glimmer- i love it all. I am such a summer girl and i love it.

And by the way, the girl in the pictures, that's my sister. You will see her often she tends to show up as my model quite often because my brother is not much fan for pictures and shes the only one left. ;)

Well hope you enjoy, look for the next Qshot next Saturday!

Much Love,


  1. those are great pool pictures! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Stopping by from Spoiled Mommy's blog. Your blog design is really pretty. I love your pics too. The colors in them are really vibrant.

  3. Well done, Dea!
    Great pics of your sister and the new blog header is fab!
    Of, course you can follow my blog...

  4. Thank sweetite for playing alone!!
    What a gorgeous lil sister must take after her big sister!
    Great pictures!

  5. My favorite season as well:)GREAT shots girl;)