Friday, May 1, 2009


That's this weeks theme for Favorite Foto Friday and I have got to say, I can't find a good one to put up here.

My obvious choice would be this-

BUT I didn't take that picture. So I don't think it counts. And quite frankly after searching my photos I can't come up with a decent picture for this theme. I found one that is ok but I don't think it fits the high standards I have for my photography. Sadly, Its not focused. But not every picture can be perfect and since I still like it and want to enter FFF this week, here it is.
So, there you go. Its not perfect but its there.

And by the way, sorry its taken me so long to post again, I was hoping to get more comments on my prom post.

So I have a question to end with...How do you get more bloggy friends? Not that I don't love the ones I have but I would of course like to add more. So how did you do it? =]

Also, how do you manage tags for your blogs? Do you tag everyone you mention or have in photos? How do you group things?

Thank you for whatever input you give me on these!

Well, I plan to post tomorrow for Qshot, so until tomorrow...

Much Love,


  1. Love both pics!

    I get readers by commenting on others' blogs, mostly, I think.

    I also have a way you can "follow" my blog. Do you have that? Then people know when I've posted again.

  2. Yes, if you leave a comment on other's blogs, they are more likely to leave comments on your's.

  3. Feel free to follow me, & I'll add you, too! Can't promise to comment on every one of your posts.

    Like I said before, the more you comment on others' blogs, the more your "face" gets out there. If you are in to photography, find a group online that you like to join. Most likely, they have blogs you can follow, & they will love to follow yours.

    Here's a photographer's blog we just had our family portraits taken with to get you started:

  4. oh, I love the photo of you girls running in your dresses!
    I agree with the gals above-leave commments and you'll get your blog checked out more often.
    Good luck!

  5. Feel free to follow me, I'll add you. Your pictures show great promise I imagine in a little while you will quite the professional.
    See, by commenting on other's blogs you get more views of your blog. You don't have to say anything spectacular when you comment. If you like what was in that post or if you don't like it and want to voice your opinion, just leave a comment. Most people welcome both!