Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Its all to real now.

60 days until I graduate. About 35 school days.
Its starting to feel real now. All year its just seemed like something still in the future. I know I am a senior, I know I am graduating this year, I know all this and more, but It had yet to feel real.

Yesterday we received our cap and gowns. Now it feels real.
Next weekend is prom, kind of the beginning of the end is how Brittany put it. And shes right. I am starting to get nervous, so many choices, so many worries. Real life is about to hit and I don't know if I am ready for it yet. Is that normal, or am I just a wimp?

So overwhelming. I wish I knew for sure that everything will be ok, and I am pretty sure that it will all turn out ok but for now I think I am stuck wallowing in uncertainty and worry.

^My mini tassel keyring =]^

Well, anyways, sorry for the lack of posts and the shortness of this one as well but the teachers of mine have decided to make up for spring break and load us with homework. On top of all that are the other things I have to to but I squeezed in time for a short post here which is more than I thought I would so I am pretty darn proud of myself =]

Until next time,

Much Love,


  1. Awww darlin Im so happy for ya!
    I wish that I could be there and take pictures of ya!! ;)
    Cant wait to hear more.

  2. 10 years ago I was feeling these SAME feelings. Oh how I remember it well;)

    You are gonna be JUST fine, I promise. It can be pretty overwhelming and a bit intimidating, but you are a very smart girl. And you have so many things going for you. It will all work out.

    God will lead you where you are to go. Savor and enjoy these last few weeks. Just stop, breathe, and enjoy the ride. :)

  3. Yes, it is so very normal to feel the way you are. Try not to overthink it and just enjoy your last days in High school. Enjoy them now as you won't believe how much you will rely on your memories of this time in the future.