Friday, April 10, 2009

FFF and my questionably 18 story!

Now I know that you probably want to see the pictures and that's the biggest reason you decided to take a look at this post but first I want to share with you something I find exciting!

I finally got my "questionably 18" moment. Whats that you ask? Well let me explain.

Of course you know that when you turn 18 you are now considered a legal adult and you are granted adult privileges-buying cigarettes, playing the lottery, getting a tattoo and sitting at bars to name some. Well last month I turned 18 and was very excited to get these privileges like most people are when they first acquire them then I realized- I don't want to buy cigarettes or get a tattoo and there isn't really a reason for me to sit at a bar either. pshhh! What can I do!? Now I suppose I could just forget about it until the time comes for me to have my moment but I did not want to wait.

You see, I don't look 18 and I wanted to test my new abilities for fun to see what people would do. Basically I wanted to get carded looking like an eleven year old just to be like HA! Yes you see I am 18. So I decided to try and buy a lottery ticket. So I mosey on up to the machine looking around to see if anyone even cares that this "girl" is doing something that you have to be a certain age to do. ID in hand I take my time deciding on a ticket still looking around to see if anybody cares. Then I select the cheapest one, still waiting. Then I get the ticket, and slowing walk out the door, still waiting (yeah, I am pretty dumb!). And let me tell you what, nobody cared!!!! I was rather bummed and decided to give up on my questionably 18 moment.

But, I finally got it yesterday! ah ha! victory! So here it is....

For a mini-vacation thing my family and I went to Fort Rapids, an indoor water park (which was very awesome by the way!) Well they have a hot tub that's only for guests 18 and older. (Don't jump the gun although I bet you do know what happens next...) My dad decided he wanted to go sit in it and thinking this was my chance I followed along. I walked by the "guard" but he didn't say a think. ok, I thought to myself. Maybe he won't even care. So I put my feet in and not a minute later I get a tap on my shoulder and I hear something. I turn around and It's the guard (score!) Since I didn't hear what he said I said what and he asked how old I was (score!) and I of course replied "18." Hes like "oh, sorry. You look so young" (yes yes yes score!) And there it was. I got my "questionably 18" moment I had been waiting for. At last.

So now that I got to tell you my story here's the pictures!!! So I think that maybe FFF might be some kind of group thing not something I just pull outta my butt. And although I am getting that idea I am not sure what to do now. Any suggestions??? I still want to do FFF so I guess I will go on my own way and see where it goes from there.

So FFF theme for today will be my Favorites from a spring photo shoot I did with my sister about three years ago (when I didn't think to take off the date stamp, lol.) I really do love these photos and am excited to put them up here so here ya go!
^This one happens to be one of my all time favorites. I love it!^
^I just love this one. I cropped it and added the words^

So there you go. Hope you enjoyed and I will try and post the q-shot tomorrow! Comment?? =]

Much Love,


  1. thanks for stoppin' by!
    fantastic photos, mama - you've got "the eye!"

  2. Hi Dea! Love the 18 story. Oh, that was soo long ago for me, you WANT to get carded and you WANT to look 11 when you are really 18! Good for you!