Friday, July 31, 2009


I hate goodbyes. In any way, shape, or form I am not a fan. Whether for a few minutes, hours, weeks, or years I struggle with and try to avoid them. I hate the uncertainty they bring, the gap of time where anything could happen, the feeling of being left, and the questions that haunt my mind about the way the goodbye went and the terms that person and I were on when they said it (were they secretly annoyed,but pretending to be nice? Did I say something that may have made them mad and they couldn't wait to get rid of me? Did I sound dumb or act like a fool?)

Case in point: Goodbyes are a dreaded, hated thing for me. They are even worse when you have to say goodbye to your best friend.

Three days ago, I had to do just that. I had to say goodbye to Brittany, one of my best friends because she has decided to go to college about 6-7 states away.

I will miss her dearly. Her silly sense of humor even when she was making fun of how short I was. Her eagerness for anything and the way she made even the most mundane tasks fun. Her line of promises and bets about how she will read so many books that she never did find the time to read. Her talk of movies and the list she continuously added to for me to watch. Her encouragement and kind words, and how she always knew the right thing to say. How she always left a glass of water sitting in the same spot in my room. How hard it was to end a conversation to make time for sleeping when one of us slept over.

Most of all I am just going to miss having my best friend around - everything about her will be missed.
All of us at her surprise going away party: Rochelle,Katie,Brittany,Jamie,Me,Lizzy. Poor Britt got caked by Katie!
Lizzy, Me, and Brittany right after her party.
The last time I saw her, when I left her house from spending the night on her last day here.

Brittany I will miss you dearly. I hope that you keep in touch and that our friendship still continues to grow even with 6-7 states between us. I hope that you have an amazing time at college and that you don't forget about your friends here. I hope that you always know I am here for you and that I'll always be your best friend.

Thanks for everything you've done, I wish you the best.

I wish this was my last goodbye for this week, but its unfortunate to me that it's not. Jodi and the girls will be leaving here in a few days, for a few days. They will be four hours away. I have spent almost everyday with them this summer, and its going to be pretty hard to see them go. Even more so because that leaves me with 2 best friends gone, and the other one at work. What will I do? I hate being bored and lonely!

Oh how I hate goodbyes...saying goodbye to two best friends within a week and having all three of them busy? This stinks.



  1. So sorry sweety!! This is such a tough time in your life. But it sounds like you are handeling things with a maturity and grace that I NEVER conceived of at your age.

    Your in my prayers!

  2. So Dea, when do you leave for college, or are you staying close to home? From reading your writing and looking at your photography, have you considered photo journalism? write beautifully and take a wonderful photo!

  3. Aww! This made me teary eyed and made me remember when I went to college. Only it was me who went away for college and my friends stayed home. Luckily I was not far away and was able to see my friends often! If you stay in touch often, it won't be as bad :)

    p.s. I love your new blog layout, I'm not sure when it changed, but I haven't noticed it before now :)

  4. I remember that also! Of course it was almost ten years ago... but still I remember dropping one of my good friends off at the airport because she was moving to Texas. I still keep in touch but it's not the same. :(

    But what a great opportunity for her to grow her life and start her career! What an exciting journey for you and all your friends as you prepare for your future.

    My advice: Don't let anything stop you (boys, money, uncertainty) Follow your dreams. If you love photography do whatever it takes to improve... otherwise you are going to be old like me trying to do it with three kids! :D LOL!

  5. I had to reduce the size of my profile pic substantially for it to show up on the followers page. It was driving me crazy trying to figure it out. I eventually got it but I think it took me over an hour! Technology is so complicated and yet so wonderful at the same time! :D

  6. dea - i know it's hard when your friends are going off and leaving you behind. but, hey! maybe you can go visit :). thanks for visiting my blog - yeah, my hair streaked maroon is crazy, but i love it! i'm 55 years old - maybe it's time for me to do something a little crazy - lol!

  7. Hi Dea,
    I saw your comment at Yelena's blog and wanted to come over and say hi because I loved the little picture next to your comment so much : ). I remember when I went to college as a freshman. It is such a hard thing to do. But trust me, it's worth it. College is definitely going to be some of the most fun years of your life : ) Treasure every moment! : )