Sunday, July 19, 2009

My poor puppy.

I think it's about time I introduce you to my dog,
This is Denae, our lively, crazy, jack russell terrier. Isn't she the cutest?? She's a funny dog though, and I do believe she does not like getting her picture taken. She always runs or turns her head when I have the camera pointed at her even when I bribe her with treats.

Oh, and her name it had to be a name that started with a D because all of our names stared with a D (Don,Donna,Deanna,Dea,Donald,Dana) and we could not leave her out!

And now that you know some random information about my dog here's what I really wanted to tell you about her, last night she met one of these...And it was not a nice meeting. The nasty thing sprayed her: right in the mouth! And she got a good lap or two around our house before we realized the smell was not coming from outside, but from her! And oh boy, it was worse than when you smell them outside! And the smell was everywhere and in every room! I think about how bad it was for us and then I realize my dog had to taste it! The poor thing.

You know, you read about these things in books and watch them in movies never thinking it will happen to you (especially when you live in town.?!) but then it does and all you can do is laugh and blog about it, but the good/bad news is we just realized the skunk is dead and rotting outside by our fence. So hopefully we don't ever have this kind of issue, ever again.

On a better note, I re-did my blog, what do you think? I really think I love the new layout, such fun, bright colors and a not to busy design. As for the header, I like it but somethings missing from it I think. But that's something I will do and redo when I find different pictures I like. And because its something fun for me to do. So I am sure you will be seeing that change frequently. But you should let me know what you think, I value your opinion ;)



  1. I think your header needs an orange border to compliment your new layout.

    Poor dog! I would hate to come across a skunk. Those things stink... I couldn't imagine that smell in my house!

  2. What a stinky smell that must have been. Hope your dog is tasting better today. I love the new colors in your blog. It looks great!

  3. OMG. Poor thing!! I wanted to drink my coffee on the deck this morning but the Skunk smell keep me inside! Boy was it strong:0

  4. Oh that sucks about your dog, but he is a cutie. And I love your new blog, header, and your profile picture =)

  5. I love your new layout!

    Poor doggie! There is a skunk that lives by my boyfriend's house. I've never seen it thank goodness, but it's given his mom a few scares! It likes to munch on the outside kitty's food.