Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hey there cutie!

I have a confession to make: I never thought I would get into photo editing. I didn't think it would be fun and my view on it was "I should be able to take a good enough picture that it shouldn't need edited"

Well since then, my views have changed. I love turning on my itunes, rocking out, and editing pictures. I love changing a mediocre picture into an excellent one. I love tweaking an excellent picture to make it look even better. I love changing the look of a picture into something way different then it had looked before, I love looking in awe at what different effects can do to a picture. Either that or I just love the fact that it keeps me busy ;) My new view on editing "I can take good pictures but editing can make them look better!"

I have fallen in love with photo editing, and I like it almost as much as I like taking the pictures. It helps when I have the most adorable models who are used to me pointing the camera in there face.

So here are a few pictures, the originals and then one of the edits I did on them-
Blue eyed beauty
Happy girl

Shes into posing for pictures now

So, what do you think? Am I doing a good job? Any type of comment is much appreciated!



  1. You have been corrupted! :D

    I like your edits! Which program are you using?

  2. are doing an excellent job... so many little fine tune details you have made, and they make such a difference!!!

    I love your work as always!!

    God bless~

  3. Great edits! I agree, editing to me is just as fun as taking pictures, it gets to be addictive.

  4. These are cute Dea! I have the same outlook on editing. :)

  5. I think you have some great edits. I love the photo of the little blonde girl, the one on your header. She has beautiful eyes and you captured such a sweet look on her face. Great job, keep it up.

  6. Those are great! I love editing pics too. Sometimes I'll just go through pics on my computer and see what I can do with them. Its fun!

  7. You are doing great, Dea! I think you are especially good at coming up with good crops. Love the B&Ws.

  8. i love photo editing...edit every dingle pic. have you found picnik yet??? it has some great tools for $25 a year...awesome!!

  9. Thanks! I use photobiz for my portfolio website-; it's super easy to update and manage! And I can change templates with the click of a mouse. I think it's $120 to start and then $15/month for 200 pictures, with more price options for more pictures. I thought about using photobiz for my client previews, but I figured it would cost too much in the long run. So I added a preview & ordering site with zenfolio. The only thing I don't like about zenfolio is that I can't add packages for customers, and I have to go through their printing labs for people to order from my website.

    I think in a few years when I learn html and how to build websites, I'm going to make my own & then use a product called PhotoCart for client review/purchase. It doesn't currently work with PhotoBiz templates. It will allow me full control over the process- I can order the images the clients select, and review them before delivery.

    Lol- that was probably more than you wanted to know :-)

  10. I like how you crop the photos. Cuts out the background a bit. You do a great job. I am not at all creative when it comes to editing, ans as such, most of my photos are very similar to the SOOC version.

  11. You're doing a fantastic job! And I LOVE the second photo! That was one you didn't even have to edit for it to look fantastic even though I like the edited one as well.