Sunday, July 26, 2009

These summer days are flying by.

I hate how fast summer goes. Another week has passed and that puts me another week closer to losing my freedom. Its really just very sad!

This week was a very good one, filled with fun activities and that's just the way I like it.

It started off with Mikaylas t-ball tournaments. Its double elimination and they lost the first two games they played so they were done pretty quick. But for them it was a good thing- they were ready to get their trophy and be done!

Mikayla is so little they usually put her as the catcher. Her wearing the gear is so funny, shes just swallowed up in it! She likes being the catcher because she actually gets to get the ball and throw it frequently, keeps her busy and happy!
Here she is posing with her bat- to cute! She loves posing for pictures and i love it that she does!
Later in the week we went to the park, the girls played and Jodi and I talked as they played. It was very nice, and of course I got some nice pictures!
Love this picture of them. They are showing off the sunglasses I bought for them. The funny thing about this picture is they look so happy and loving with one another but right after I took the picture they both shoved each other away and glared at one another! So funny, they are in that stage where sisters are not cool I guess!
The beautiful Taylor giving me a quick smile before she ran off to play.
Mikayla, striking a pose for me!
Taylor and IMikayla and me
Me and my favorite girls: I love them so very much!

Oh, and here's one more thing before you go:
Something else fun happened this week, but I don't have pictures, just a story. So here it is: Jodi and I went shopping. Now Jodi hates shopping. Hates it with a passion. So when we go, I try to make it as fun as possible, and it works. Both times we've went together we have had a blast! We act crazy and laugh about everything. And just so you know, our craziness in stores doesn't just help us have a better time: I am fairly certain I heard more than one person laugh at us as we walked down the isles. Some even made a joke or comment as we walked by. And I think the checkout lady may have peed herself. We even had the checkout lady next to us laughing. I certainly think shopping may be fun for Jodi now, and I also believe that we have officially put a visual to the following quote: "You can always tell when two people are best friends because they are always having way more fun then it makes sense for them to be having"

And on that note, I'll end here ;)



  1. Thats a cute shopping story, and those 2 little girls are simply precious!

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  3. These girls are so full of personality! They are the cutest little things ever !

  4. So cute Dea!!! I love that you LAUGH!!! I read somewhere that kids laugh 300 times a day and adults laugh 12 times. Yikes!! So glad you are hiking up the stats on the adult side! :) LOVE the pictures too!!

    YOur awesome!

    God bless-