Monday, May 11, 2009


I think I would like to try and enter the I heart faces weekly contests. I am going to go ahead and try it out and lets see how it works. If you are a visitor and find that I am doing something wrong, please let me know! So here it is....

The theme this week is laughter and I think I have just the photo for the Iheartfaces kids category.
This was taken a couple years ago but its one of my favorites of Mikayla. She was laughing at something my sister said and we just had an awesome day that day.

Well I have to stick with short but sweet here, thank you for viewing, please leave constructive feedback and comments!



  1. What a sweet smile! Great entry

  2. I think you did it all right!! The photo is so cute, who doesn't love a sweet little girl laughing?? Anyways, I hope to see more each week.

  3. I would love to have you add me! I will add you too. I pretend to be a photographer too... sometimes I feel like I delete just as many shots as I save. I am self taught and wish I could go to school for photography but I have to wait until my kids are all in school first. Right now my focus is on them. I will talk to you soon

  4. Great girl!!
    You did everything right and Im so happy that you are going to play along. I love it, it makes me want to try harder and it also helps me find other grat blogs.
    The picture is just darlin!!

    thank you so much for your vote!

  5. What a great photo! She has the sweetest most innnocent smile.
    Well done!