Saturday, May 9, 2009

Time has left me...

...and I am still waiting for it to come back! I planned to post during the week, I planned to keep my promises and post more in general but when I said that time started running and I couldn't seem to catch it at all this week! And to be honest I still haven't caught it. At this moment I still have a long list of things to do. All that being said,heres my Qshot!

The question for today was "Whats your zodiac sign?" The answer is...

I am a pisces. The zodiac represented by fish.

We are said to be:
Shy ---> Yeah I suppose I am, until I get to know you.
Romantic ----> Well fit.
Trustworthy -----> Most certainly. I am very trustworthy.
Dreamy ---> Eh, so-so.
Creative ----> Oh, yes!
Understanding ----> Yes. very. A little to much sometimes.
Unrealistic ----> I can be.
Impractical ---> Uhm, not sure about this one.

We are said to like:
Romance ---> Yeah.
Nature ----> I like as well.
Ambient music --->I guess but not really.
Poetry ---> Same as above, its ok.
Mystical settings ---> They are alright.
Being loved / wanted ---> Yes, good description of myself.
Freedom ---> yeah, who doesn't? lol.
Privacy ----> Certainly.

We are said to dislike:
Noise ---> Depending on what it is.
Crowds ---> Yes, more a one on one person, or a small group.
Dirt & ugliness ---> Ha, agreed.
Garish objects ---> Also agreed.
Being reminded ---> Not so much, sometimes I need it.
Tight spaces ---> Refer to older post ;)
Authority ----> uhm, I dont mind it. I respect authority and as long as I am treated well its fine.
Revealing private life ---> uhm, well yes and no. I don't mind talking to friends about it but if I write a personal letter or something to someone and someone else reads it...grrr. I hate that.

Another site said:

Positive Traits• Imaginative and sensitive • Compassionate and kind • Selfless and unworldly • Intuitive and sympathetic

Negative Traits• Escapist and idealistic • Secretive and vague • Weak-willed and easily led

Pisces Likes: foods of all kinds, romantic places, sunsets over the sea, waterfalls, ponds, poetry, people, mystical settings, candles, incense, freedom to drift along from moment to moment, and their own uninterrupted personal privacy.

Pisces Dislikes:bright, noisy, crowded, popular places and dirty, ugly, garish objects, and the wrong people.

My opinion on most of the traits and such I have seen for my sign is that most of them do fit well I think, but then again some don't and what about the friends I have that either have the same sign and are not like me at all, or people that are just like me but have a different sign. Certainly makes me wonder. What do you think? Do you agree with what your sign says about you? Let me know what you think about your sign.

Now that I have finally posted, I think I better work on more of my homework. You know sometimes I wonder if teachers remember that kids have lives to. ;)


PS: What do you think of the new header? Which did you like better?

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