Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yesterday I skipped school.

But technically, not really. But it just sounds cooler than what I really did. I really took a Voucher day because I have had perfect attendance since eighth grade. Dumb goal let me tell ya. Don't know what I was thinking. Well actually I was thinking that after having perfect attendance in eighth grade and ninth and after seeing two kids get money for having all through high school I figured I could do it to and get money.


I have been to school sick, tired, and totally worn out. I have missed vacation opportunities (actually I would be on my way to Disney at this moment if I didn't have perfect attendance) as well as opportunities to just skip and have fun with my friends.

And you know what will probably happen? I will go up for that reward at the awards ceremony and they will tell me that due to economic downfall, they don't have anything to give me. Blah.

But I have made it this far...

Oh I forgot to tell you how I got out yesterday. Well I passed all five OGTs on the first try so the school rewards kids who do that with three days you can take off without them counting against you, so I used one of those.

And boy was I busy.

First of all, I went to the trike-a-thon. The kids at the preschool do this every year (and I did it when I went there, a long time ago!) Landon and Mikayla were in it, and I decided I would love to go watch them. Plus its not like I had anything cooler to do than go and see two of my favorite kids run there tricycles around a track.

Landon and Mikayla happened to be in the same holding box (yes they put the kids in big boxes until it was there turn...?!) And I think Mikayla saw me taking this picture, lol. I don't know the kids in the back, let alone have permission to put them on here so that's why they have pixelized faces lol.

Mikayla giving us a wave as she rides on by! Check out her racing stripes =]
There she goes!

The second thing I did was do a second picture session with my friend Kelley. I am taking her senior pictures for her and we took some back in the winter and she wanted some outdoors. So we went to this pretty field and got a few shots, but Kelley couldn't be out for long so we didn't take a lot. Kelley found this idea on the Internet and asked to get on like it. The grass was so long we had to pat down a spot for her, then for me. Then I had to yank out some grass so I could see her and as you can see there is still a big blade right on her face. Trying this didn't last long because the sun was "burning her pasty white skin" and bugs didn't help either.
This would have to be my personal favorite that I took yesterday.
I also like this one, I edited it to look this way and I like the turn out.

Well my neighbor, Randi, let me borrow her Nikon D50 for Kelley's pictures since my camera isn't as awesome as hers. After Kelley left I was asked to come to the softball game cause the girls were asking to see me, so I went and took them to the park and photographed them playing.
Climbing the rock wall.
They loved the big camera. It made them smile every time I turned their way. Usually they will ask me to stop taking their pictures, but they were all to willing yesterday! Ahh, the magic a Nikon can do.
The lil monkey climbing again.
A big smile from the beautiful Taylor.
Mikayla posing with a baseball.
Shes just to cute!
Them together. This is usually how they look when I ask for a picture of them together. Taylor usually will say no and run away and Mikayla will usually chase her and be like Taylor please! And then I beg and they give me a goofy picture where Taylor is trying to get as far away as possible. And that's why I only have a few good pictures of the both of them together. I actually got a perfect one earlier in the week which I will post another time.

Well, how bout that for a summary for one of the longest days in my life? I would not have traded it for anything though. And as for the day off where I did more than I would usually do? It was very much needed!



  1. Wow the pictuers of the girls are absolutely gorgeous! I love how candid the shots are and they are relaxed smiling and having a good time.

    You were way better then me... I missed so much school... I would get a hot cup of water sometimes by my bed and tell my mom I didn't feel well. Right before she took my temp I would sip on hot water so my mouth would be fever temp.... I cannot tell you how many times I pulled that trick on my mom!

  2. Ahh...had to laugh at the random child who's faces are blurred;) But good idea!

    And for other readers...Mikayla actually was the one who did all the riding. Landon? He just sat there watching his class mates buzz by him. :/ But it was fun and that's all that matters;)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Kelly and the girl's pictures! You will have to show me more of Kelleys! Has she seen them yet? You did AWESOME as usual. It isn't just the camera ya know. You have an eye girl:)

  3. Are you sure your 18? I think when I was 18 I was no where near as mature and GOOD AT PHOTOGRAPHY as you!! I am STILL not as good as you!! You are really, really talented.

    Well done!

    God bless-