Saturday, March 21, 2009

So worth it.

What a long night last night was. Waiting in a line for about two hours, putting up with some crazy people, over heating and freaking out because every one was so close, being at wal-mart from about 10:30-1:30 am, just to come home and stay up til four, just to get up at 7:30 but...

It was all worth it. Why??? Because I am now the proud owner of this......

Yes, that's the two disk, special edition of Twilight. And yes I was one of those crazy fanpires who went to the release party so that I could get it as soon as it came out. My group of friends and I thought it fitting since we went to the midnight premiere of the movie when it came out in theatres. Here we are before we left to go get it.
And just so you know, we are not the followers of the worldwide phenomenon. We helped to start the thing! We read Twilight in book club my freshman year, you know back when it wasn't even heard of. And we fell in love. Then we told everyone we know to read it and the rest is history.

Anyways about this party we got there about 10:15 and people were already lined up! So we got in line. At about eleven they served the very awesome cake

Then they handed out some neat little freebies

Then we settled in for the wait. And finally around 12:15 am I became the owner of the Twilight DVD. Now I officially own one movie on DVD and none on tape, lol. In case you don't know I really don't watch movies so I don't have any but I hope to change that. =]

See how excited we were! (or bored cause McDonald's took awhile to get our food, lol.)

Then we went and watched it at my house. What a perfect night! Oh I sure do love those books as well as the movie, It makes a nice start to my movie collection, my twilight collection as well as my weekend =]

Well that's all I have for you know but I am sure this isn't the last you'll hear from my twilight obsession. After all, I have not told you my recently acquired nickname in relation to Twilight, plus its just a great thing to talk about.

Much love, Dea.

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