Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm coming back!

Into the blogging world that is. And let me tell ya, I am super excited!

I've been wanting to do this for awhile. A long, long, while. You see, back in the day when Xanga was cool, I had one of those. And I really did enjoy it until everyone decided that myspace was cooler. I tried to keep my xanga going but after awhile I realized that my site was now a ghost town. Everyone had switched. So after awhile of blogging with no replies, I made the switch to. Now I do enjoy myspace and it certainly has lasted longer than the xanga phase (although I think facebook is starting to creep up on us) but for a long time I have had that urge for xanga. Mostly the blogging style of it. But I really couldn't justify getting one of those again just to see no body come and visit it.

But then came a solution. My neighbor introduced me into a whole different type of blogging world. One that's more grown up and that I can easily hand the link out to so my friends could visit. And it has perfect timing to. Just in time to start it up and get my friends going on it before we all go off to college. That way, they can all come here and read about how I am doing. And hopefully I can do the same. Let me tell ya, this is perfect!

Well, for my first post I think I am going to have to stick with the short but sweet theory. I don't feel like I should just totally jump into this on the first post (although I most definitely would if I wasn't one of those by the book types on these kinds of things) but I certainly cannot wait until this is going full swing. I am still tweaking this thing until I get it just the way I want it. And ok, I must admit, my orderliness and the whole tweaking thing isn't the only thing keeping me from writing a crap ton. It would also be the fact that a brand new Desperate Housewives is coming on tonight. And I want to make sure everything is done by the time it comes on. Because I am an absolute fan of this show and its one of the few I really watch, so I just cannot miss it.

So that's that.

Oh and since I love blogs with photos I will throw in a picture, just for good measure. In hope that I soon feel the warmth of spring and summer and not the bitter cold of winter, here is a picture of the sun.

Much Love,



  1. LOVE the blog! Very cute;) I will be adding you to my feed reader so every time you post, I'll get an update:) I look forward to reading. I'm sure you will enjoy having this outlet to write, share your photography work, and getting your thoughts out.

    Enjoy and blog away!

  2. hey sweet blog dea i like it and i enjoyed talkin to you for the time i have known u and hope u enjoy talkin to me cause u are a really cool person