Thursday, March 12, 2009

Being locked in a candy closet...

..was never really on my list of things to do before I die. But now, I can say that its happened to me. Yes, today I locked in a candy closet by my classmates. And yes, I did agree to this. Little did I think that I may be slightly claustrophobic. Oops.

Heres the scoop: Our history teacher sells candy to every class to help raise money for the yearbook. Well she had left the classroom when another teacher came in to get food. As I am a member of the yearbook staff I opened up the closet for her. She got her food and left. As I was closing up one of my fellow students had the idea to stick me in the closet and scare her when she opens it for that class. And I, agreed.

So then she comes back, taking her sweet time at that. (Maybe it just seemed longer being in a small space and all) After doing the usual prep stuff she asks the class if anyone wants food. Now hearing that excites me because its getting stuffy in there and I am shaking like crazy and getting pretty nervous about all this. I really am unsure why I reacted like this, I mean its not like I have not done this kinda stuff before. So thats how I have come to the conclusion that I may be slightly claustrophobic. Which checks out for me, because I have noticed tight spaces do make me nervous. But anyways after she asks i hear many of the kids say

"No we don't want any food today" I was like WHAT! This concerned me a bit but then I heard the girl whose idea this was say she wanted something. And then the class started dropping hints like crazy.

The sad thing is, she never picked up on those hints or realized I was not in the room. So it was a surprise when she opened the door and saw me there. She was like wow, now that's a good one! And so it was- even if it did take me the rest of the day to quit shaking. lol.

So thats the story I got for ya.

The other thing I need to say is after long deliberation I have decided on a official name for this blog. Now I understand that if your reading this, you know what it is but I would like to officially announce it, so here it is.

My official blogspot name is: rockinlifemyway

Its got a neat ring to it doesn't it! I sure do think so. And after as long as it took me to pick it I am definatly relieved to have done so.Now I can finally give it out and finally get some people reading this thing!

But of course, how could I forget. What would a sucess on my part be without the usual disapointment that follows? And this time my sucess is gettin this finally goin with a name and all and of course the bad comes along---> Picnik isn't working for me.

Which means I cannot post a picture. Grr. But I will try to post some extras next time

But that's all I have to say for now so until next time,

-Much Love, Dea.

PS- My posting time seems to be an hour off. I don't know how to fix this becasue I do indeed have it set in the correct time zone. I guess blogger never picked up on the time change. So its all an hour behind. Hopefully this will fix itself eventually.

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  1. hey dea its your twin whittney lol so i decided to come and leave you a comment becuase i am cool like that lol. and i wanted to say that i love your blog i guess thats what this is lol but um ya i will talk to u later and i hope i am the first commenter but idk how to tell it took me 4ever to find out how to put a comment on here lol so i will talk to you later

    much love whittney (lol) jk