Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh brother.

its your birthday, its your birthday!

As you may have figured out today is my brothers birthday. Hes turning the big 'ol 16! Its pretty crazy to think my little brother (and yes Tony, you will always be my little brother no matter how much taller you are) is 16 already. Its been a crazy 16 years having him around but i wouldn't trade them for anything.

The picture I decided on I chose because of lack of choice- my brother does not corporate when someone has a camera pointed at him. Could you tell by the goofy smiling face he is making in this picture? The only reason we even got one is because of moms first day of school picture ritual, so this is Tony and Dana before their first day of school. So Tony, If you don't like it too bad, its your own fault anyway =]


You are a great brother. I know I don't always show that I believe that statement is true and you don't always prove that statement to be true, you are the greatest brother for Dana and I and I would not trade you for any other brother. I remember when we were little and you got in trouble. You were not allowed to go outside and play with me but I really wanted you to. Mom gave you a choice, and you got spanked (because back then that was ok lol) a few times so that you could come outside with me. I also remember you firmly telling the lunch lady that I should not have to eat all my food if I did not want to. You've stood up and protected me so many times, just what brothers are for, and for that I thank you. Your quite the funny guy to, remember chewy chewy chewbacca? Hows frank and Timmy the talking toilet? And the time you bit me on the butt (who knows why) and I got in trouble for it? And don't forget about the day we played outside in the rain- what a crappy situation! Those were some very good times and I know we have many more good memories to come, I mean after all, we are sorta stuck with each other! =]
Just never forget that I love you. Despite the fights we get into, the times were I tease you and you get mad, when I scare you (Duh-duh-duh-duh- D-E-A!!!!, that was a good one you gotta admit!) and all the times I just can't even stand having you around, know that I love you and will always be here for you no matter how mad I am. Whether that's helping you avoid moms wrath by diverting her attention or scaring off a bully at school- I'm here for ya bro. Forever and always.

Have a great birthday, I Love You!



  1. Is that you in the picture? You look so young! Happy Birthday to your brother

  2. What a great tribute to your brother!!!