Monday, October 12, 2009


is the theme over at IheartFaces this week! Once again I am very excited ;) to participate! I thought I would have a hard time finding a picture for this theme but after searching for a short time I found this one and deemed it perfect:
I got the girls Pjs this last year as part of their Christmas gifts. I thought the clothes would be the gift they would be least excited about amid the toys and such things. But Mikayla opened her Pjs,squealed with delight, and hugged them. I am so glad I caught that moment in a picture. Her excitement is authentic. Her face tells it all, she loves her new jammies.

I love those sorts of reactions. When they get so excited and your heart is filled with that warm fuzzy feeling because you know you picked the perfect gift and truly made someone happy. I love gift giving and try to do it often not just for holidays. I love the feeling of surprising someone with a gift and knowing I made them feel special. And I want them to know they are special to me. I just love making people happy =]

Well, Thank you for viewing! Comments are always welcome ;)

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  1. Of course she was excited! There is Backyardigans on their! They are the best! :D

  2. oooops... I hate spelling and grammar errors... the correct word should be "there" not their!

  3. Cute picture! I like your "about me" description, too.

  4. You sure can capture a moment well!!

    Hope you are enjoying life sweet Dea!


  5. Sure, I don't mind at all if you add me! Thanks! And thanks for the compliment too. : )

  6. Great photo. I love it when kids hug their presents. We gave our 4 year old a Dora boogie board for her birthday. She pulled it out the bag, squealed with delight and started hugging it. That was the photo I was going to use for this week theme, but I decided against it. I like yours.