Saturday, October 10, 2009

Girls day out!

Last Saturday Whittney and I took Taylor for a girls day out. We promised her awhile back that we would take her shopping- just her and us. Taylor was so excited when we came to pick her up, we couldn't talk much because she kept asking when we were leaving! I think it made her feel very special to hang out with us and I love having her hang with us. She is truly an awesome little girl! I call her my mini best friend because she really is! We certainly had a blast, we rocked out to a couple of Taylor's favorite songs during the ride (Waking up in Vegas, Joey, One in the Same, and Party in the USA) and then had a blast in the stores being crazy, but not too crazy ;) Of course I brought my camera for this special day, and i will share some pictures with you- Taylor with Whittney in the first store of the day. And yes, Whittney was talking. lol.
Me and my mini best friend!
Then we got into head gear. First Whittney and I donned some princess crowns. Taylor said we looked goofy and would not get into the picture with us, haha.Then Taylor got in the spirit and found a witch hat!Then Taylor picked out this cute blue winter hat and wanted it, so I bought it for her. And of course got matching gloves to! Doesn't she look adorable!
Then to McDonald's for some dinner! It was very good! And Taylor looks like she agrees!
When we got back, Taylor anxiously showed off the stuff we bought her. And of course I couldn't go without bringing something back for Mikayla. We bought her some cool stuff but she was loving the gloves and was showing them off in this picture!And this one, only i put my hands up to! (So we put our hands up their playing our song .... haha.)I had an awesome day, and I am pretty sure Taylor did to ;) (and yes, this is a cell phone picture. The genius that I am thought to take one with her phone but not with her real camera.)



  1. cute pictures, looks like everyone had fun!

  2. mmm.... McDonald's... Looks so yummy! Your mini best friend almost looks like a younger version of you! She is absolutely beautiful! What great pictures !

  3. Oh, she is so lucky! Every little girl wants to hang out with the big girls!!