Saturday, September 12, 2009

I've been behind

on my blogging because I've spent most of my time behind these:
college has started for me and they sure do not start slowly! My life is slowly being consumed by school and I do not like that fact at all! I have had so very little free time and that drives me insane. I need time to work on the computer, take pictures, and hang out with my friends and I really do not like the lack of it. So far college has just been too overwhelming for me. So much to do and I do not even know if i am doing what i need to do correctly. I really do not have any friends there and that bothers me most of all. I hate feeling like I have no one and that I don't belong anywhere. Anyways, I do not want to continue to complain on here so I will share with you a couple of pictures of my two favorite girls:

All of them are edited. I did not post the originals. The second ones of each are cropped and slightly different than the one that precedes it. So what do ya think?Well, I wish I had more to say right now but I indeed do not. I will try and post again this week but given how busy I've been I really can't promise anything =[

Now I am off to prepare some notebooks.....



  1. cute pictures. hang in there, college is tough, but you'll get the hang of it =)

  2. I think you are talented and creative!!

    Hope you are enjoying school... and meeting lots of new people!

    God bless-