Thursday, September 3, 2009

In a very short amount of time,

another celebration has come upon us. This event is also marked down as important in my book because without it, well, I wouldn't be here! This time the attention is turned towards my dad because now, its his birthday! This picture of my dad is a couple years old but its my favorite of him that I could find, it shows his silly personality and I just adore it!
Dear Dad,

First of all, Thank you for being a great dad. You have always been there for me whatever I may need. Your a great person to look to for support and guidance. Although your approach to helping me out may not be what I expected sometimes, you always seem to manage to get me through whatever life throws at me. Your hard work and dedication in any task that you take on has taught me to work hard -no matter how impossible it seems- I can do it. Your an inspiration: your talent with woodworking amazes me and I hope that I can perfect my talent as well as you've perfected yours.Thank you so much for everything you do and continue to do for me, for all the sacrifices and hard work you put into making sure Tony, Dana, and I are provided for. Your the best Dad anyone could ever ask for.

I wish you the best on your birthday and hope this year brings with it everything you could ever imagine.

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you!



  1. That is so sweet! Now I know who you look like! You are blessed to have a dad deserving of such an honoring post.

    Thanks for stopping by today. I took the school supply pictures a few weeks ago--so fun! I was pretty excited to get the snaps to finish it off today. My kids were headed back to school, and what I really cared about was the pictures. :-)

  2. Shut up! (ok not really)

    I am just amazed by your maturity. And wow... you are a gifted writer too!

    Many blessings-

    P.S. Happy Bday Dad!

  3. oh, sweetie, happy birthday to your dad! i am sure this letter brought tears to his eyes (did ya give it to him?)!

  4. Thanks for the comment. I actually don't ever use a flash if I can avoid it. I am no good with one and don't like the look it gives. So, I always use as much natural light as I can find. These photos were taken in front of a large window. I hope to start doing more outside when I get the chance.