Sunday, September 13, 2009


Its IheartFaces time once again and this week I am finally able to enter! The past few weeks I've had to pass either because I did not have the time or a picture but this week I am back in and ever so excited! The theme this week is Contemplative and I have been waiting anxiously for this theme! I immediately thought of the picture I was going to enter and although I have thought of some other good candidates for this theme I kept going back to the first one I thought of. So thats what I went with and here it is:
I have to tell you that I absolutly adore this photo. I took this picture when I was asked to take pictures of the girls for Mikaylas third birthday and it was quite the task, they really did not want to take the time away from playing to get there pictures taken! I'm not sure what her little three year old mind was trying to figure out, but i bet it had something to do with getting away from the camera!

Well, I hope you like my entry, please feel free to comment and I will do my best to return the favor!

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  1. This photo is great, I love the lighting! Beautiful :)

  2. adorable as always! She certainly looks like she is scheming something.

  3. what a beautiful little girl! i love your photo and i like that you did it in B&W!

    thanks for commenting on my photos of jayden - what a tiny little bundle he was :O)

  4. this is too precious, dea! you are very talented, my dear!