Sunday, September 27, 2009

At 9 o'clock tonight

Do you know where you will be? I know exactly where I will be, the same place you will find me every Sunday at nine during the front of the closest tv watching desperate housewives! I adore this show. Its the only show I loyally watch. For real. And i cannot wait to see the premiere tonight.

Are you a fan? Lets chat =]

Well on a different note and a different passion, i have pictures- of course. And since I really do not have much to tell you about my life other than college and homework have taken it over, i will share my pictures with you now.
Straight out of the camera. I went to leave for school and thought this was so pretty, so i ran back inside and upstairs and back out so i could take a picture of it. And i am very glad i did. Do you see the moon? It shows up better bigger but I need to work on getting my pictures bigger on here still.
I took this of Taylor as she was sitting in the backseat, unaware (or ignoring?) me taking pictures of her. I love the colors in this picture, the soft glow of light on her face and the way she is looking out.
My sister has the most beautiful, multicolored eyes i have ever seen, so jealous. I love to bring them out in pictures of her. Mikayla let me take a close up of her eyes, but closed the one, lol. I was editing it and accidentally hit the wrong tool but loved the look i ended up with.

Well, I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week as well.
And dont forget where you should be at nine o clock tonight, and who to chat with about it tomorrow =]


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