Saturday, February 27, 2010

Really?? They said that???

Last week, Whittneys cousin called me up and asked me to take some pictures of her daughter, Rachel. She was going to give modeling a shot and needed some recent pictures of her. They think very highly of my photography (and of course they think I'm pretty cool as well, lol.) and so they wanted me to take them.

And so, I did. I wasn't sure I liked the turn out- the ones outside were ok but we were limited cause of the fading light and the 20 ft of snow that kept us from going anywhere quickly. Ok, it wasnt 20 ft but you get the point, lol. And then inside I wanted to not use flash, I don't like flash I like natural light, but the light in there was bad.

I took them anyways making promises to take better ones on a brighter day when I could use natural light. I edited them, hoping I could get them to look better. They didn't look so bad after that -there was a few I did really like but overall, I just wasn't satisfied. I knew I could do better.

But I guess they were good enough. According to Tracy (Rachel's mom) the modeling agent asked who took those pictures. She of course, told him that I did. And I guess he said that they were really good and that I should be doing it for a living.

Appalling. Certainly wasn't expecting that. Makes me feel good that he thought my photographs were that good though, especially when I thought they were very far from it.

Now, I have yet to be filled in on how Rachel did with the whole modeling thing so I will get back to you on that but I bet she did great, I mean look at her! Shes beautiful, a perfect model. See for yourself with a few of the pictures that I actually liked, although I am not sure which ones the agent liked because I don't know which ones they brought:

Thank you Rachel for bein such a great model, and thank you to whomever the agent was who actually liked my pictures!



  1. That's a great compliment! Good for you! You did a great job with the processing--nice effects for the moods.

  2. good for you! Nicely done and what a confidence boost also! I just got back from my first paid session today... and I am scared to look at the photos. I had a very uncooperative little model who was 18 months old busy, mischevious and so not interested in anything but throwing toys at my camera and telling me no! :D But that is part of the job right! Great photos and congrats

  3. Wow, what a great compliment to get. So, are you going to start a business or anything? I bet you could do well. Especially at such a young age.

  4. Of COURSE they liked your pictures... those are AMAZING!!! You have got some amazing talent there sweet Dea. I'm so proud of you! And you are right, your model is gorgeous!


  5. I have an award for you on my blog.

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