Monday, February 22, 2010

Put your hands in the AYer!

This week over at i♥faces the theme is "Hands on fun" They figured after featuring feet and tooshies, it was time for the hands to get their chance in the spotlight! In my photography adventures, I find ideas on the internet that inspire me, so then I go out and use that idea to do my own thing. Also, I love getting messages across in an artistic photograph and so I do that as well. I've gotten some neat photographs that way and that leads me to my entry:

[[Click to view larger]]

Well, what do you think? I enjoy comments- so feel free to leave me one and I will return the favor!

Have you entered your own hands photo this week? Do you want to enter your own or just go and check out the other entries? No problem, just click on the i♥faces logo at the top of this post!

Thanks for looking!!!!



  1. wow this would make a great poster! Seriously this is a one of a kind shot! Nicely captured

  2. Dea, very creative. I like it. Original. Nice composition.

  3. what a cool idea, dea! i love it. the flare is awesome and the writing makes the shot :)

  4. This is very creative! I love that you throw in there that you love getting a message across through your photography.

    Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment you left on my entry as well :)

  5. Absolutely stunning shot! The flare it awesome!

  6. Cool photo; very creative! I would love to see it in color!