Thursday, February 11, 2010

On my calendar,

On todays date there are two words written followed by a few exclamation points. These words are important and not to be ignored. They are not lightly taken and after you read them you should start thinking about celebrating, which is what I plan to do because those words read: Kelleys Birthday!!!!! And that's an event that commends celebration in my book!


Happy 19th Birthday my dear friend! I am so glad you and I are such good friends you are a great best friend and I am ever so grateful to have you in my life. I love how open minded and how you fight for what you want no matter what you have to do to get there. Your determination and strong will are just a couple qualities that I admire in you and through that I am learning to be a better person. I love the way you think outside the box and you make me realize things that I wouldn't have thought of before. Your filled to the brim with great advice and you always help me no matter what my situation. You encourage me to shoot for the stars and never give up and that's just the thing I need to hear sometimes. Your always there for me and whenever I need something I know I can count on you. The best thing is- you always have the greatest stories. I love getting text messages from you they always brighten my day no matter how sad I may have been feeling. (Dea, I just sucked a hamster into the vacuum. Dea, I am wearing fat people shorts, you know the kind that are supposed to sweat fat off your legs?) Oh, Kelley. I'm so glad your one of my best friends. What would I do without you??

Happy Birthday Kelley!!!! Love ya girly!!!


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  1. You are such a great friend!! Happy Birthday to a sweet girl.. cause if she is your friend she has got to be SUPER sweet!